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Find top-rated iPhone and Android spy apps

Welcome to the Spyadviser for the Best Spy Apps Reviews and the list that will help you make your choice for the spy app that suits you. It will take you through the basic setup of a spy app and then show you the spy apps reviews that are one of the best in the market.

You will get a brief look at all the notable spy phone apps for your unique needs and how to best use them in your situation. For all the queries one might have, we will try to answer each and every one of them.

Are you worried about your kid’s safety? Is your spouse’s changed behavior giving you nightmares? A best cell phone monitoring software spying on their mobile could be just the solution that might help you to gain some insight.

Did you know?

Mobile Spy App Reviews

Technology has only gotten more advanced in the last two decades and keeps evolving continuously. There have been non-stop advancements whether it’s the software or the hardware in all the mobiles.

Youngsters are getting mobiles at an alarmingly young age. They are naive and are prone to impulse decision that can be risky. They need to be monitored and kept in check to make sure that they don’t do anything stupid.

In such a scenario, having a trusted mobile spy app can be of great help. It could give you the much needed info that can give you a respite from feeling restless and in the dark about your loved one’s activities. We hope the list below helps to make that informed choice.

Top rated spy apps

Let’s take a quick look at a list of the three best Top-rated cellphone monitoring apps for your spying needs

# 1 Spymaster Pro

Whenever spying on a phone is on your mind, Android or iPhone, you can rest assured about choosing Spymaster Pro. It is one of the best cell phone monitoring software in the market for your discerning needs.

It boasts of a ton of satisfied customers because of its easy user interface and quick download process. Android spy app takes less than 5 minutes to download on the target mobile

Latest Features

  • Listening to Calls – The latest updates gives you the freedom to listen to calls on both incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Easiest Download – Spymaster Pro in its latest version comes with the improvement on the easiest download in the market among the long list of the mobile spy software’s available in the market.
  • Tracks GPS – The latest update adds to the accuracy of the GPS tracking in terms of distance and time in relaying the information to your central console.
  • IM’s – The latest version gives you the private chats from all the social media instant messaging sites directly on the dashboard.
  • Tracks Social Media – The latest update now lets you see all the social media posts on the target mobile, even the hidden posts with a detailed description

Spymaster Pro is a perfect choice for anyone who needs an easy to understand cell phone spy and a quality parental control app at affordable costs. It has the longest lineup of features and excellent customer support that is not just 24*7 but keeps adding to the multiple language support it offers.

# 2 The Truth Spy

Next on the list is The Truth Spy, another popular cell phone monitoring software to spy on both Android and iOS. This spy app helps to maintain a vigil eye on the mobiles of your family and friends.

Truth spy is helpful for all the parents and your employees with a few easy steps. It provides the following list of features.

  • Text Messages
  • E-mail
  • GPS
  • Social Media Activities
  • Multimedia Access
  • Calls tracking
  • Installed Apps tracking

It is one of the most highly rated spy apps in the market and is used as huge number of people. It lags behind in compatibility though and the customer service is not the most responsive all the time.

# 3 MSpy

mSpy is an effective spy app to also act as an Best parental control app for Android and iPhone. It has a long list of monitoring features depending on the device and the features you want on the monitoring list.

It boasts of a ton of satisfied customers because of its easy user interface and quick download process. Android spy app takes less than 5 minutes to download on the target mobile

  • Text Messages
  • E-mail
  • GPS
  • Social Media Activities
  • Multimedia Access
  • Calls tracking
  • Installed Apps tracking

mSpy is good at tracking activities of the target user on mobiles and computers but it is marred by the huge cost. It costs 200$ for a single license and there are better options at much less cost available in the market.

Cell Phone Spy Software Reviews

  • Excellent
  • Very Good
  • Good
  • Average
  • Poor
  • Bad
image-tableSpymaster Proimage-tableThe Truth Spyimage-tablemSpyimage-tableSpyzieimage-tableXNSpy
MultipleOS SupportYesYes Yes Yes Yes
Spy On CallsYesYesYesYesYes
Spy On IMYesYes Yes Yes Yes
Spy On EmailsYesYesYesYesYes
Spy on SMS and MMSYesYesnoYesYes
Browser ActivityYesYesYesYesno
Track GPS LocationYesYesnoYesYes
Address BookYesYesYesnono
Installed AppsYesYesno noYes
View MultimediaYesYesYesnono
Remote ControlYesYesnoYesno
Visit WebsiteGoGoGoGoGo

How to Get Started?

Before you make your choice and purchase the mobile spy software of your choice, there are a few things you need to know

  • Look into the background of the movie and do proper research on their claimed credentials. The mobile spy app company should be known for making quality and trustworthy products. You should also try to avoid the companies that claim to spy on other mobiles without installation of the software.
  • You have decided on the cell phone monitoring software and now comes the step to the installation of the spy app on the target phone. The standard procedure is followed. A link is given for the process to complete and then a licensed key number which is to be kept confidential for the final step.
  • All the data and information you asked for will now be provided in your central dashboard. The apps listed above are some of the best spy apps to give you all the information without much fuss.

What should you need to know before buying a spy app?

  • Access to the target phone is a must have and without it, you can’t download the spy app to spy. You need to download the mobile spy software on the phone you want to spy on and not on yours. On an iPhone, requirements vary as some iPhone spy apps require jailbreak while some do not.
  • Compatibility of the mobile you want to spy on and the spy software is one of the necessities of operating here. You can’t work without the device being compatible with the spy app.
  • Internet connection on the target phone is a must have without which the mobile spy app cannot be downloaded and installed.
  • Many apps work easily work on Android and iPhone without any rooting. There are a few apps though on whom certain features will only with rooting.
  • It is advisable to check the local and state laws before you start using a cell phone monitoring software of your choice. You can read the legal disclaimer with every spy software before the purchase.

Beware from Scam Companies

    In recent times as with any industry, for every genuine and reliable company that you can count on, there are a lot more scam companies whose only goal is to make money. So, how do you decide which is authentic and the one that suits your needs? Some key points need to be kept in mind as mentioned below

  • Company base When you are looking into the background of the company you should make sure that it is based in the United States of America. It will guarantee the best possible customer service experience.
  • Customer Support Customer Support is a key part of every service-based product involving customers and especially a spy app. Customers want a 24*7 customer support that is always there for you, doesn’t make them wait and doesn’t make them pay for custom made customer service when they have a problem.
  • Company Website Every legitimate company in this day and age has a website. The website should be informational and have all the necessary contact information, not bare bones looking site that is more promotional and doesn’t provide the info that the customer needs.
  • Additional Information It is quite natural to have questions when you open a company’s website for the first time and a healthy FAQ’s is a good sign to answer all the legitimate questions. This section can be quite useful for any novice with installation, app and additional instructions or information to be better aware of how the software works. Absence of such material is most likely to be problematic.

Choose a Cell Phone Monitoring Software After Research and Verification Once you have gone through all the questions and key points of the previous section you are more likely to make an informed choice about the spy app that will suit you. A solid customer support base, a professional website and an informational section for all customer queries is a good sign about the company.

The mobile spy software reviewed above are some of the best available in the industry and filled with all the necessary features. You can go through the list with the features, price, etc and make an informed choice.

Thanks for visiting our site. We hope we were able to provide you with all the information you needed and now you are on your way to choose the spy app for you.

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