Best Parental Control Apps for Android

Best Parental Control Apps for Android

Life as a parent in the 21st century is more complicated than ever and it’s not getting any easier as we go forward. Before you are able to get a basic grasp on what technology tips and tricks are out there, new updates drop.

It becomes an exercise in scratching your head every few months. You try to personally manage the situation but its too overwhelming. At this stage, a child security app can be a helpful aide to give you some respite.

Such apps are available in different price points and feature lists. Different users can choose the product that fits their bill based on their needs and budget. There is a huge variety and you can take your time making your choice.

These are weird times and the personal boundaries have forever changed with technology not just in our midst but rather forever changing the way we live. There is no escaping and whining about isn’t going to solve it and it is much better to know how can the technology serve us.

Not be the other way where we serve technology. Kids are though are sometimes hard to control and you can’t discipline them beyond a point. They are curious to know what adults do and maybe even imitate them.

5 Important Features of Parental Control App

Features of Parental Control App

Kids and teenagers are one of the most vulnerable age groups in our society. So, any negative outcomes of the Internet world are bound to affect them the most. Hence, parental apps for Android and iPhone are there to let you peek into your child’s phone. These apps through their software offer a variety of features to keep a close eye on children’s mobile.

Here are 5 important features served by Parental Control Apps:-

1.   Content Filtering

Restrictions on content viewed by kids is a top highlighted feature of parental control apps. This is for a very important reason as the Internet is a wide open space filled with a wide variety of content and kids being the curious bees they are, don’t think before clicking on the various links, games, pictures or videos out there.

In their young little minds, there is little distinction between what is suitable for them and what is not. Content filtering allows worried parents to block the sites and platforms that can expose their kids to such problematic content.

2.   Contact Management

Contact Management is another important function that can help parents sleep easy at night knowing who is contacting their child. With kids getting access to smart-phones at a very early age, it is imperative to know who is contacting through e-mail, call, Whatsapp, etc.

These contact management features allow parents to blacklist any contact who is trying to contact their kid and may pose a problem. As we all know, kids and teenagers remain at the target of hackers and predators who can try to fool them. This can be just to embarrass or blackmail them for money.

3.   Monitoring

Teenagers are always under peer pressure to be cool and popular. Kids at this age don’t possess the maturity to see the long term picture of the consequences of their risk-prone actions. The feeling of being a rebel fuels their actions.

Monitoring enables the parents to record the activities of their child on the phones 24*7. They can view browser visits, Call logs, e-mail conversations, plus screen capture of all the different type of activities possible on a smart-phone.

4.   Usage Restrictions

Usage restrictions on a phone allow parents to put limits on what use the child can take out a mobile phone. Internet is full of applications of every variety and topic. Many of them certified by Android and iOS but many illegal apps continue to float.

These apps aim to take advantage of people’s craving to do something risky and different. Kids and teenagers are the biggest targets of these apps knowing how well their mind works. Parents can put limits on kids purchase, apps or even using the camera if they feel it is required.

5.    Privacy Protections

Since children are nowadays using smart-phones very early in life and as such internet privacy becomes a very big concern for parents. As kids sign early on to their social media accounts and start putting themselves out there to socialize they are prone to dangers of these sites.

Children are quite honest and vulnerable, so they end up revealing far more private information than is necessary on social media sites. Privacy features give parents the freedom to protect such information like home number, house address, GPS info, etc.

Best Parental Control Apps for Android

If you have any concern for your child’s safety and well being then you are not alone. Lots of parents are worried about what their kids are getting exposed from their screens but also they don’t want to stand over their kid’s shoulders to annoy them.

For those very reasons, there are Best apps for Android and iPhone that can go through and make your choice. Let’s go through the three best spy apps in this list:-

1.  Spymaster Pro

Spymaster Pro is a trusted and reliable parental control app for the last 7 years. It is available in 10 languages and aims to add more in the near future.



  • 24*7 customer support
  • Compatible with the latest Android and iOS devices
  • Highly affordable


  • Not compatible on Symbian and Blackberry

2.  FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy is a mobile monitoring software to keep a close eye on kids on iOS and Android. It has been here for a few years and is also used by many people.


  • SMS tracking
  • Phone book
  • Call logs


  • User-friendly
  • App block
  • Websites block


  • Can’t block numbers

3.  TruthSpy

TruthSpy is a cell phone monitoring software for anxious parents out there to keep a close eye on their children and teenagers. It functions on iOS and Android.



  • Easy user access
  • Stays hidden
  • Daily updates


  • Poor customer support


Children and teenagers are always on the eyes of predators and hackers. There are startling figures on how many kids go missing, murdered, swindles out of money or worse because of their mistakes that they tend to make at such a tender age. You need a child security app to keep a close eye on them and to keep them safe and sound.