Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone

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The kids born today are radically different from any generation before them. They are born in an era where mobiles are deemed necessary. Parents are forced to employ parental control apps to keep a close eye on their kids.

Mobiles are used in a variety of situations for today’s kids. Often it is also incorporated in the school’s syllabus, and they use them to do their homework. So, there are practical uses in a kid’s everyday life for a mobile.

But there is always the danger of addiction. As a report by Parents and Asurion claims that kids at the age of nine and younger spend 3.6 hours daily on an average using a screen. These are not a healthy number, especially at this age.

Kids are quite vulnerable at this age. Using a cell phone spying software to monitor their daily activities could serve any parent quite well. As it is well known, kids are often the easy target of sexual predators and online hackers.

Statistics prove that parents are worried, with three out of 5 parents concerned about exposure to inappropriate content. And 40% stay worried that strangers might be contacting their kids online with not the best intentions.

Five reasons to use parental controls on the iPhone

Like any parent in the world, you want your kids to use mobiles to communicate, learn, and access all the exciting opportunities available. At the same time, you also want your kids to stay safe. Using one of the best parental apps for iPhone to keep a close eye on them is a good idea.

But even after the above-said facts are common knowledge, some parents remain oblivious to many of the dangers that may occur to their kids. We collect the reasons for any parent to have a parental control app with them to keep their children safe below:-

1. Fear of a malware attack

You may have installed security software on their device. But you never know if your kid may or may not stumble into putting malware on their mobile. They may see a warning page or a suspicious-looking page but still go through.

Have a child security app as kids take quick actions and don’t have the mental capacity to think much about consequences. They can click on any weird looking link or open any problematic websites to have fun or entertainment when feeling bored.

2. Hectic schedule

It is incredibly challenging to sit down regularly to discuss internet safety protocols with your kids. It is becoming increasingly rare to have such a lengthy talk. It is easy to forget these essential points in the stress of daily life.

But having such software is critical. When you have such a cell phone spying software, you can take a good look at the sites they frequent and keep a report of the websites you have a blocked. This way, you only have to take a quick look to stay updated.

3. Cyber Safety

It has become a fact of the twenty-first century that cybercrimes have become a multi-billion dollar industry. A recent survey done by Symantec revealed that since 2015, 689 million people had been a victim of cybercrimes.

These are startling numbers. Children are most likely to be among these because of their curious nature. They may disclose too much information. Hence, it makes sense to use a child security app to keep them safe.

4. Time management

Doctors have compared mobile surfing to the consumption of drugs. Both are highly addictive, and the brain reacts similarly to usage in both cases. As kids start using mobile at an early age, they are most likely to fall prey to this addiction.

Such excessive screen time can cause various problems when a kid’s body is growing. The major issues are bad posture, poor eyesight, inadequate sleep, etc. Parents can set boundaries on such usage with the help of a monitoring app.

5. Online reputation

Cameras have overtaken mobiles as is evident from any marketing of any smart-phone. Using one of the parental apps for iPhone is useful here to keep a close eye on kid’s getting manipulated by these ads. It is easy to manipulate kids.

Marketers know kids are easily manipulated by such flashy advertising. That is what happens with kids quick to multiple pictures to post online. Any wrong image can ruin their online reputation forever and can have long-lasting consequences.

Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone

Parents face big challenges today in how much freedom they should give their children. They deserve certain freedom to grow and not feel suffocated by all the control. At the same time, having a Cell Phone Spying Software is also needed to strike a balance.

The balance between their freedom and your need to keep a check on their online activities. The list below of the best parental control apps for the iPhone is the right place for you to start. Take a quick look and choose the one that suits you the best:-

1. Spymaster Pro

Spymaster Pro has been deemed a trusted and reliable parental control app, as evidenced by the 4.25/5 rating on Trustpilot. They have been working in the market for over seven years now and it is available in nine languages. It is aiming to expand.


  • Most affordable child security app
  • Call listening
  • Available in 9 languages
  • Compatible with latest iOS 12.4


  • Not compatible with Blackberry and Windows


  • Starts at 5.99$ per month

2. XN Spy

XNSpy is an official app for parents to keep a close eye on their kids in a bid to keep them safe. It will remotely let you spy on your kid’s device. It is a reasonable easy spy app to use and can be used on your kid’s iPhone.


  • Remote monitoring
  • Fairly easy access
  • Stays stealth
  • Relatively affordable


  • The installation process is comparatively complex


  • Starts at 49$ per month

3. Truth Spy

Truth Spy is one of the best apps for the iPhone for any parent to monitor their kid’s activities and keep them safe online. It will keep them safe and deliver all the information in a central control panel. It will stay hidden.


  • Stealth mode
  • Daily updates
  • East to access
  • Remote monitoring


  • Poor customer support


  • Starts at 16.99$ per month


The new century of mobiles and gadgets has made many parents anxious. It is understandable for any parent to appear restless about their kid’s online activities and want to know what they are up to daily secretly. Taking the help of a child security app is a practical and necessary step for any responsible parent.

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