What is the best spy app to find out your Employees daily activity?

employee activity tracker app

Employees are vital to the company’s productivity. But companies are seeing increasing examples of employees distracted at work. Hence, it becomes essential to keep an eye on your employees to stay updated on their activities.

It is also a reality that most offices are finding it tough to keep employees not distracted. But mobiles and other factors do present a challenge. Spymaster Pro is a mobile monitoring solution designed to mitigate some of these factors.

Here are some of the ways Spymaster Pro can help you find out your employees activity regularly:-

  • Live screen-shots will let you after regular gaps take screen-shots of their mobile and show you their activity without raising any alarm.
  • Social media tracking will let you monitor if they are surfing on their social media accounts during work timings, with details.
  • Call logs tracking will let you see the whole list of their calls and their regular contacts. Additional details will give you the full picture.
  • Calendar and phone-book tracking is another crucial part of this employee Monitoring Software. It will let you view their calendar schedule and detailed phone book contacts to see if there are any suspicious-looking contacts.
  • SMS tracking will let you monitor their conversations on text messages with their most regular contacts, with additional details.
  • Multimedia tracking will let you get full access to the photos, videos, and other such files stored on the target device.
  • Installed app tracking will let you view all their activities on the apps installed on the target device.
  • Web browser history tracking is an effective way to keep an eye on your employees as the internet is a big distraction. Monitoring will let you view their entire browser history once the software has been installed on the target device. It works on all the browsers and even after the history has been deleted.
  • GPS tracking will let you monitor their movement live and daily. Additional details like location name, brief information on the place, and the duration of their stay there.

How does Spymaster Pro work for iPhone?

Do you want to monitor an iPhone remotely and secretly? Here are a few simple ways the software works on an iPhone:-

  • Purchase the cellphone monitoring software from the buy now button or buy now page. Submit your details in the form and then proceed to checkout.
  • Next, you use iCloud credentials to start spying on the target device. Go through the instructions carefully that you will receive in the e-mail.
  • Login in to your Spymaster Pro account with the login details you will get in the e-mail.

How does Spymaster Pro work for Android?

You don’t need to worry if you need to track an Android device. It is quite a simple process to follow with these easy steps:

  • Go to buy now button or buy now page to buy the software. Submit details, and then you can advance to checkout.
  • You need to download and install the software on the target android device. The process takes only around five minutes. An official e-mail will have the instructions you need to follow.
  • Then, open your Spymaster Pro to start monitoring with the login details received in your mentioned e-mail.

The Spymaster Pro promises 24*7 customer care in 10 languages and is one of the most affordable in the market at 5.99$ per month. It is quite easy to access and doesn’t require to have much knowledge of any software to work on it. Factors like these have given it a place in best spy app reviews on many review websites.

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