What is the best spy software for someone looking for call logs and SMS?

Track call logs and Text messages

Feel the need to monitor someone’s call and SMS? After all, calls and text messages are the two most common forms of communication used by people. There can be many reasons for you to spy on someone’s mobile for access to their calls and SMS. You can use spy app for iPhone or Android mobiles.

It could be your wife who you want to make sure is not cheating on you, it could be your employees who are showing a sharp drop in productivity, or it is your kids who are showing signs of behavior that is not like their usual self.

3 spy apps for call recording and SMS

Even though if you could listen to the calls of someone’s mobile? Maybe you can listen to their calls and read their text messages and judge how honest they have been to you. It is a much-needed feature today as you spent most of the time away from your loved ones.

Listed below are 3 of the best spy apps to help you get the call recording and text messages:-

1. Spymaster Pro

Spymasterpro call trackingSpymaster Pro is one of the best quality phone call log tracker software. The spy software has continuously received high ratings from its customer base and tech experts on various spy reviews sites from across the world for over 7 years now. The highly popular spy app provides a long list of highly effective monitoring features in addition to the 24*7 customer care.

  • Most accessible software to use even for tech newbies.
  • Most affordable.
  • Quick download
  • Compatible with Android 10 and iOS 13

2. FlexiSpy

Flexispy call recordingFlexiSpy is one of the top three spy software solutions in the market. You can use it to get call recordings, text message tracking, and a lot more features. It has a simple interface, and the extreme feature has some more added features.

  • Easy user interface
  • Remote monitoring
  • Call recording
  • Quite costly

3. mSpy

mSpy text messages trackingmSpy is a quality text message tracking app. It is quite popular among parents and employees to record calls and monitor text messages, in addition to some other features. mSpy can remotely and secretly monitor on Android and iPhone.

  • Stealth mode
  • Read deleted text
  • Easy user interface
  • Some features require rooting

Benefits of listening to someone calls and SMS tracking

These times are the day and age of quick communication. A phone monitoring app that has an SMS tracker and calls log tracker as its most useful features is needed. Despite the popularity of text messages, short calls get preferred for communication.

Several users use these two prominent features for a few simple reasons listed below:-

  1. Parents can get confirmation of the conversations their kids are having. Is your kid under peer pressure to change his behavior to make friends and popularity? Are they in contact with the wrong crowd or people way older? What kind of conversations are they having on calls and SMS is worth knowing.
  2. Employee monitoring is slowly rising. After, employee productivity is of utmost importance to the company. So, if their employees are wasting time with personal work and delaying field visits for entertainment, then the company deserves to know to protect the company’s interests.
  3. There can be individual concerns as well as phones getting lost is a huge issue as well. Since mobiles today have so much of our confidential and personal information on them, this could prove catastrophic if that smart-phone ends up in the wrong hands.


A high-quality cell phone spy software that can effectively spy on iPhone and Android phones is a must need for many. These two are the most popular operating systems and recording calls, and reading text messages is a feature sought by many due to their widespread use by many people for daily communication. Read the review above to decide which spy app to use.

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