Cyber Bullying

Bully generally means forcing someone to do something. With the introduction of smart phones to our society, we are able to communicate with people who are many miles away from us. With the passage of time, cyber bullying has spread its footsteps all over the globe and adolescents are the worst victims as any trifle on their part can substantially harm them. There have been many cases where children are so badly affected that they are not able to decipher their real objective. That’s why we provide you certain spying apps which will allow you to keep a regular check on your children.

The Number Game- We Trust Figures…

The cyber bullying statistics for the year 2016, given by Cyberbullying Research Center are quite distressing, as the figure of suicides in teens because of cyberbullying is shooting up at a considerable rate. The survey says, approx 38.3% percent of students in the age group 12 to 17 years had to face cyberbullying of some kind, and 11.5% of kids in the same age group nodded for their involvement in cyberbullying at least once in their lifetime.

You Just Can’t Escape This…

Though, your teen can always go offline, what about the images or the personal data, which has leaked and made viral on several social media channels leading to embarrassment and harassment?

Cyberbullying differs greatly from the kind of bullying we faced in our happy days of schooling. It’s 24*7, won’t let your child sleep and eat, and he or she will find it virtually impossible to step away from it-not confined to playground or school.

Spymaster Pro- A Gift for Your Social Media Hooked Teen…

As parents, you can do so many things to get your teen out of the muddle of cyberbullying: counseling to promote self-confidence and esteem, minimize your kid’s screen time, and stuff related to privacy. The above essential parental strategies are good to kill the symptoms, but if you want a permanent medicine “cure,” get Spymaster Pro.

Spymaster Pro is a ground-breaking invention in the vertical of parental mobile applications, parents can get every minute detail of what their kids are doing in the virtual world of the internet, their Facebook status update, Snapchat, and WhatsApp chat, or twitter engagements. The thing, which makes this app to stand out in the universe of mobile applications is that parents prevent cyberbullying without direct contact with their kid’s smartphone.