Flexispy Review

FlexiSPY is an advanced Cell Phone Spying Software which offers almost 150 mobile features that you would ask for in an all-purpose phone monitoring application.


It was designed keeping in mind the need for smart parental control along with employer’s needs for reliable employee monitoring software.

Features Of Flexispy

Flexispy Traces Calls

  • Live Call Listening: Listen to all incoming and outgoing calls of the targeted cell phone
  • Call Recording: Record any call made to or from the cell phone you wish to spy.
  • VOIP Call Logs and Recording: Trace all calls made by Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), record them and listen to them later.
  • Listen and Record Phone Surrounding: Record all the surrounding noises and listen to them remotely
  • Facetime Camera Monitoring: Monitor all Facetime calling activities made from the targeted cell phone
  • Skype Call Recording: Trace all audio and video calls made via Skype

Flexispy Tracks Messages

  • Text Message: See all text content exchanged via the cell phone you wish to spy
  • MMS Message: Track all MMS Message details along with contact number and name
  • Sending of Fake Message: You can send fake messages to suspicious contact to check their response
  • Deletion of Messages: You can even delete messages using FlexiSPY
  • Email Reading: Get track of all sent and received emails along with full access to documents attached to it.

Flexispy Can Track Gps

Tracks and View GPS Location: Keep an eye on all the movements made by the targeted user by GPS Tracking.

Flexispy Tracks Chats Of Instant Messaging Application

  • Whatsapp: Monitor all Whatsapp conversations, audio files, images, emojis exchanged with friends along with the deleted ones
  • Instagram: All Instagram conversations are automatically uploaded to your FlexiSPY account
  • Facebook along with Messenger: Files, stickers, messages and even images sent via Facebook can be tracked completely.
  • Skype: View Skype chats, calls, status and even emoticons shared with friends and strangers
  • iMessages: Spy on iMessages, group chats, pictures, videos and all emojis sent by the targeted user
  • Hike: All sent and receive Hike messages are moved to your FlexiSpy account
  • WeChat: One-on-One messages, group conversations, calls, and WeChat stickers can be tracked using FlexiSPY
  • Viber: Viber tracking includes access to shared pictures, videos, contacts, locations, emoticons along with names of participants in group chats
  • BBM: Spy on BBM Messages accompanied by all status and group chat details
  • Blackberry PIN: Trace Blackberry PIN Messages and names of people involved in a conversation with the targeted user.
  • QQ: Get updates of all QQ conversations through your FlexiSPY dashboard
  • Yahoo Messenger: Get track of all yahoo messenger chat details with pictures and videos attached within conversations
  • Tinder: Get notified about all Tinder conversations via your online control panel
  • Hangouts: Monitor all chat conversations made through the targeted cell phone

Flexispy Monitors All Multimedia Files

  • Video Files: Get access to all videos taken or stored by the targeted cell phone with 3GP, CGM, EPS, PDF, SWF, WMF, EMF, EMF+, EMZ, SVG, WMV, ASF, XPS, 3G2, M4V, ODG, AVI, MP4 formats.
  • Audio Files: Listen to all audio and voice recordings with MP3, WAV, RA, BWF, au, AAC+, eAAC+, MIDI, AMR_WM, QCP, AMR, WMA, AAC, PCM, AIFF, MP4, formats
  • Image Files: You can view all images saved or clicked by the suspicious person with ECW, GIF, EXIF, TIFF, PGM, JPEG, PBM, RAW, PNG, BMP, PPM, PNM formats

Flexispy Provides Remote Spying

  • Live Pictures & Videos using Camera: Using remote spy camera you can capture images and record videos remotely without even touching the cell phone
  • Restart Cell Phone: FlexiSPY lets you secretly restart the targeted cell phone
  • Battery Status Report: You can keep track of battery details at any time and from anywhere
  • SMS Remote Control: You can even send command messages to the targeted cell phone to turn on or off certain features
  • Free Mobile Viewer App: For people who cannot spy from a desktop account, there is a free mobile viewer application that they can install on their cell phones

Flexispy Traces Internet Activity

  • Web Browser History: Get track of all visited websites along with visited time and date
  • Bookmarks: Get access to all the bookmarks saved on the suspicious person’s phone

Flexispy Monitors Applications

  • Screenshot: Get screenshot of all cell phone activities throughout the day
  • Calendar: Keep track of all scheduled birthdays, meetings and important dates that are saved on calendar
  • Notes: Get access to all notes and to-do list composed by the one you wish to spy
  • Application Activity: Remotely view all the details of installed software including their name, date of installation, version along with the app icon
  • Address Book: Remotely view all new contact entries along with the specified number

Flexispy Lets You Set Alerts

  • Sim Card Change: Get notified whenever the suspicious person changes his/her sim card
  • Specific Contacts: Receive alerts when your child or partner gets a call from a specified person
  • Dashboard Alerts: Set alerts for certain locations or keywords

Flexispy Provides Secret Spying Features

  • Jail Break: Secretly delete traces of jailbreak from the targeted iPhone
  • Super SU: You can hide rooting from suspicious person’s Android Phone
  • Application List/Task Manager: This feature helps you choose whether you want to let FlexiSPY icon be visible on the targeted phone or not

FlexiSpy Features

Flexispy Captures Keystroke History

  • Key Logs: Record the entire key log history specifying all keystrokes that have recently been used

Pros and Cons of as per Flexispy reviews 2020


  • The remote Call Recording feature is quite fast, it activates just after a few clicks.
  • The voice quality of Recorded Voice is great
  • Remote Spy Camera works even with message commands
  • FlexiSPY works great while tracking instant messaging conversations
  • Unlike any other Cell Phone Spying Software, it has a unique feature of exporting GPS logs
  • Customer Support is available 24 X 7


  • FlexiSPY is very heavy software in comparison to all other Cell Phone Spying Software available in the market
  • Installation time is considered to be 8 minutes but it takes longer than that
  • It does not support spying on Facetime, Instagram, and Twitter
  • No Geo-fencing feature

Pricing Details

Light edition: $29.95/month

Premium edition: $68/month


So, now that you are familiar with everything about this Cell Phone Spying Software with our honest reviews, it is totally your choice whether you buy it or not. Make sure to consider all its pros and cons before investing in it.