Get a parental control app to monitor your kid’s daily activities

Get a parental control app to monitor your kid’s daily activities

Your young daughter has been acting weird. You try to ask her nicely and she says it’s all okay but your gut says otherwise. You continue to press for a few days and eventually, she confesses to using the credit you gave her for emergencies on a game that turned out to be a scam.

She was scared to tell you fearing punishment and your anger. You somehow control your anger and calm her down with a hug. This is a story that many parents are going through as kids are a vulnerable age group.

This has made it even more challenging to give a safe and sound upbringing to their kids. Earlier it was a challenge for schools and the society around them. Now the Internet has brought the world to our doorsteps and bedrooms, for better or worse.

Reasons to Use a Parental Control App

Reasons to Use a Parental Control AppIt is not easy to not go restless being a parent in this day and age. The online world has opened up a can of worms for all the anxious parents out there. As many opportunities are there online so are the potential dangers for the kids.

You want to monitor your kid’s activities discreetly but first, let’s go through the major reasons to use a parental control app”-

  1. Identity Theft

In the context of the Facebook scandal where the personal data of millions of users was shared during elections in the USA and India, Identity theft has become a big problem. Due to the lack of proper awareness and understanding of the consequences of doing so, teenagers are quite willing to share details of their personal information.

  1. Cyberbullying

It is common now to hear stories about someone getting bullied or trolled online for having views too different for a section of the crowd on the internet to stomach. It is almost inevitable to happen to you if you ever post anything online.

But the difference here is that as adults, you are accustomed to people disagreeing with you on a number of occasions. Kids are a different species altogether and at this age, they limit themselves to peers who align with their thinking.

They have small groups of kids they hang out with. This makes them vulnerable to being shocked by such a rude and disagreeing response. Few kids have the emotional intelligence to process this shock properly. If your kid has an Android phone which is the biggest OS, a bunch of android monitoring apps could be of great help to know if he is experiencing such problems.

  1. Troubling Posts

Kids, for the most part, lack long-term thinking and as such lack patience if things don’t work out in even the tiniest of matters. This makes them act out on their smallest of urges, like to appear cool in front of their peers and sometimes at any cost.

  1. Problematic Websites

The Internet is an open minefield where one wrong click can land you in a maze full of trouble, which can be really tricky to get out of. Humans are curious and nowhere is it true than in the case of kids and teenagers. They are likely to open websites that are not suited for their age or have content that they are not mature enough to handle.

Best Parental Control Apps

Do your children have a smartphone already or are you planning on giving them one very soon? Due to the dangers internet holds and how vulnerable kids are you need a parental control app for iPhone & Android. This becomes necessary to keep them safe. It’s not a question of their privacy and rather their overall safety. Let’s take a look at the best app for parents:-

Spymaster Pro is one of the most trusted and reliable parental control apps. Spymaster Pro has been highly rated by tech experts and satisfied customers. It is one of the most trusted and reliable parental monitoring apps. Spymaster Pro has been highly rated by tech experts and satisfied customers.


  1. Listening to Calls
  2. Geo-fencing
  3. Remains Hidden


1.24*7 multiple language customer support

2.30 days back-up

  1. Highly affordable


The Internet has given us many advantages but the disadvantages aren’t something to be ignored either. In fact, the negative side of the internet has almost eclipsed the positive side. Thus, for any dutiful parent, it has become a must-have to have a parental control app for android and iPhone. Seeing from the competition above you can see that Spymaster Pro is a leading contender to safely and secretly monitor your kid’s every activity on their mobiles.