How an App Helps Parents to Monitor their Kids Online?

apps for parents to monitor their kids

With the advancement of technology and the accessibility of electronic devices and the internet to kids, the task of protecting them against the unforeseen dangers online can be quite challenging. Over the last few years, the advent of social media and instant messaging applications have opened a whole new world for all of us. Where these platforms are highly appreciated for the transparency they provide, criminals online tend to misuse it.

Nowadays, a wide variety of apps for parents to monitor their kids online have emerged in the market. These allow you to keep a check on your kids. From knowing about their exact location to see what they do online and setting digital boundaries, these applications are quite beneficial. However, if you are confused about how a parental control app can help you, we are here with all the details.

How will a child cell phone monitoring app help you?

Child safety is the topmost priority for every parent out there. Where one can keep them safe from the surroundings, doing so in the case of online threats can be quite a task. Further, staying with your kids all day long is not possible. So, what can be done to ensure that they are safe? Your answer to this question lies in a parental control app.

Various companies these days are making huge strides in order to help parents play a crucial role in keeping their children safe from the digital world. Guiding children towards digital health is equally important as the other aspects of their life. For this, you can even come across smartphone add-ons that let you control what your kids use.

Where such technologies can come handy in the case of your little ones, you cannot handle your grown-ups and teens with these. They will know how to get through it. Because let’s be honest here! They have a better understanding of the electronic items available today than us. And this is where a child cell phone monitoring app can help you. These operate remotely, and your kid will have no idea that you can be using it.

What to consider when choosing real-time monitoring apps?

When choosing a child cell phone monitoring software, there are numerous things that one must be mindful of. Parents typically need something that is simple to use. Thus, the best app for child safety controls is the one that will not require you to refer to long manuals for its functioning. Also, the time to set it up must not be too lengthy.

Further, you cannot just stop your kids from using something altogether. Thus, instead of cutting everything off, an ideal parental control app must provide a way for parents to set specific limits along with providing them with complete detail of all the online activities of their children. This one software should also be able to control everything ranging from simple attributes like call logs to complex ones like social media.

Lastly, the cost of these is another factor that is generally important to parents. Thus, your child cell phone monitoring software must be affordable, as well. However, a vital thing that you must be mindful of here is that cheap is not always the better option. Therefore, choose your parental control app prudently. After all, it needs to work efficiently to keep your kids safe and sound.

What are the top apps for parents to monitor their kids?

  • Spymaster Pro

Our #1 pick for the best child cell phone monitoring app that you can use is Spymaster Pro. This spy software is not only reliable but also safe to use. With this single software, you can keep your kids safe, track your employees, and even catch a cheating spouse. Further, it is the top-rated application when it comes to the functionalities that are needed to keep children safe. It is compatible with Android as well as iOS platforms. And the best part, it is simple to use and quite affordable.

  • Flexispy

FlexiSPY occupies the second place on our list. This cell phone spying software will offer you with almost 150 features that you will need in a parental control app. Further, from keeping your kids safe to play the role of reliable software for employee monitoring, it can serve all the purposes.


The next child cell phone monitoring app that we have for you is XNSPY. It is specially designed for parents who want to keep their children under the age of eighteen protected from all the online threats out there. It comes with a vast range of features that are sure to come handy for this purpose.

  • Spystealth

Next up is the Spystealth. This smartphone tracker app will help you know everything that your kid is doing on his cellphone. You can find all the necessary features in it. Further, it can even track instant messaging applications like KakaoTalk and Badoo.


Let’s face it, kids these days are addicted to their smartphones, and there is very little that we can do to make them stay away from them. However, helping them find a healthier balance is possible. Also, along with limiting their screen time, you can keep a check on their online activities using any parental control app. Lastly, it is essential to talk to your kids to let them know about all the dangers they can face in the virtual world.