How to Find Lost Samsung Phone Without Root?

Find Lost Samsung Phone Without Root

Have you ever experienced that “I think I lost my phone” feeling? The panicked searching of the surroundings, the pat-down of your pockets, and your mind racing back to the steps that led you to this phone-less moment – it all happens in the blink of an eye. The only question that you can ask yourself at this moment is, “How do I find my lost phone?”

Regardless of how you lose your phone – be it theft or a simple mistake, it can be a stressful experience. Luckily for Samsung users, there is a way using which you can find lost Samsung phone readily and even without root. Want to know how? Read ahead and find out!

Find Lost Samsung Phone with Samsung’s Find My Mobile

In case you have a Samsung phone, you can readily track a cell phone location using Samsung’s Find My Mobile service. Also, there is Google’s Find My Device service for Android phones. To be able to use any of these, you should have set it up on the lost phone.

How to Turn On “Samsung’s Find My Mobile?”

  • On your Samsung device, open “Settings.”
  • Them tap on “Biometrics & Security.”
  • After this, click on “Find My Mobile” and turn it on.
  • Then, Scroll down to “Location” under “Biometrics & Security.”
  • Lastly, click “Improve Location Accuracy.”

If you have this setup, you can find lost Samsung phone within no time. Doing so not only gives you a backup service, but you can also carry out location tracking using it. You can even find out if the SIM card is swapped out of the lost phone.

While this method is super-easy and lets you find lost Samsung phone without root, it will not work if the “Find My Mobile” feature is not enabled in the Samsung phone.

Track A Cell Phone Location with IMEI Number

Is there any way to find lost Samsung phone? If you know the Samsung device’s IMEI number, there is! This number is a 15-digit number that is unique for every device, and no two devices can have this same. Due to this, you can readily track a lost phone using IMEI number.

How to Find the IMEI Number of Your Samsung Phone?

  • Open your phone’s dial pad.
  • Dial *#06#, and you will find access to the IMEI number.
  • Alternatively, go to the “Settings” menu.
  • Then, tap on “About Phone,” and you will find the IMEI number.
  • This unique number can also be found on a sticker fixed underneath the battery.

If you have your IMEI number, do the following to find lost Samsung phone:

  • Install an “IMEI phone tracker” on the device you are using to find lost Samsung phone.
  • Then, fill in the numbers of people you trust.
  • In the case of SIM change, a text message will be sent to them with your phone’s location.
  • Lastly, fill in the IMEI number and track it to find lost Samsung phone’s exact location.

Find Lost Samsung Phone with A Cell Phone Spy App

What if you have not set up Samsung’s Find My Mobile, or you have no idea about the IMEI number? How will you find lost Samsung phone in such a case? The answer is simpler than you can ever imagine. You can use a cell phone spy app. It will not only help you find your lost phone, but you can also track chrome browsing history remotely, read Facebook messages, record phone calls, and do a lot more using it.

Further, using a spy app, you can spy on Android phones without root. Also, it lets you monitor the target phone remotely and in 100% hidden mode. Now, the main concern that you may face here is finding the best cell phone spy app for your monitoring needs. However, we have found the best and the top-rated cell phone monitoring software to make it easy for you – Spymaster Pro.

How to Find Lost Samsung Phone with Spymaster Pro?

Spymaster Pro offers Android spy without root. So, using it, you can readily find lost Samsung phone. Also, it offers remote monitoring, and this can be done in stealth mode. The software is further pocket-friendly and offers the most powerful Android spy features.

Currently, Spymaster Pro is compatible with all Android phones – even with the latest version of Android 10 and Android 11. So, it can work well with all Samsung phones. In order to find lost Samsung phone with Spymaster Pro, you will need the following:

  • Spymaster Pro Android Spy Software
  • A stable internet connection
  • The target phone for the 5-minute installation process

Once you have all this handy, simply refer to the Spymaster Pro Android installation guide, install the software on the target phone, and you are ready to find lost Samsung phone on the Spymaster Pro dashboard.


So, this is how you can find lost Samsung phone without root. Using a cell phone spy app is the most reliable solution out of these. It will not only help you find the lost phone location remotely and without root, but you can do a lot more using it. The best spy app you can use for it is Spymaster Pro. To know more about this high-rated cell phone monitoring software, you can check out Spymaster Pro reviews with us.

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