Keep an Eye on your Employees Using Employee Monitoring Software

employee monitoring

Employees are an imperative part of every organization and they all conjointly contribute towards the development of the company. So, it’s their moral responsibility to maintain an ethical environment in the workplace. But, not every employee takes this responsibility into account and that is when the peaceful environment turns into a distressing one. So, this is when Employee Monitoring Software comes into action!

So, what is an Employee Monitoring Software?

Employee Monitoring Software is an application that is compatible with both desktop and cell phones and once installed, can help an employer monitor their employee’s every single activity. So, basically an employer can track Employee’s Internet and App usage, Email Conversations, Keystroke Logging, GPS Location, Instant Messaging Chats, Call Log Details, Multimedia Files, Web Browser History and can even record their screen activities for both desktop and cell phone.

Why do you need an Employee Monitoring Software?

Employee monitoring is needed in order to keep a check on various misconducts that take place at the workplace. Moreover, as an employer, it is totally your responsibility to make sure your hard working and deserving employees do not get a distressing environment due to certain other employees. Furthermore, Employee Monitoring Software help you keep a track of various misconducts that could be taking place in your organization.

What is considered as a Misconducts At Workplace?

There are various misconducts that your employee can be involved in, so, let’s get you acquainted with the following:

  • Discriminating other employees on the basis of color, race or gender
  • Bullying or Harassing other employees
  • Stealing money or some valuable asset from the office premises
  • Romantic Relationships at workplace
  • Insubordination like being late all the time, misbehaving with superiors, exceeding lunch breaks and even using offensive language
  • Breaching Confidentiality
  • Last but not the least, any damage to company’s property is considered as a misconduct.

The above mentioned misconducts should never be entertained in the office premises and moreover, strict actions should be taken every time any of these activities are observed in the organization.

Employee Misconduct Survey

As per a recent survey that was conducted by the National Business Ethics(U.S), the following was observed:

  • 17 % employees were found lying at their respective workplaces
  • 60% of the misconduct culprits were those at managerial level
  • 18% of the employees were seen misbehaving and using offensive words in the office
  • 7% of the employees were seen sexually harassing innocent employees
  • Discrimination at workplace rose to 12%

Moreover, it was also seen that ethical training in the companies rose from 74% to 84% from the year 2011 to 2013. And we are sure that if this keeps happening, then in the coming years the rate will rise up to 100%.

So, before things go out of your hand, start monitoring your employee using a cell phone spy application! And for this purpose we have already narrowed down the search for you, so, let’s get you acquainted with the top 5 spy software that you can use in order to track down your employees. So, here are the following:


It is the best Employee Monitoring Software available in the market right now.


  • Compatible with both iOS and Android
  • Works in a hidden mode
  • Affordable Price
  • No installation or jailbreak needed in case of iPhone
  • Offers great discounts on every occasion
  • Native Language Support
  • 24 X & Chat Support available
  • Easy to install and use
  • Great refund policy


It is a great cell phone monitoring software that can help you track your employees from miles apart.


  • Great features like Keylogger, Live Screenshot as well as remote device locking
  • Its app locking feature works great


It is an advanced cell phone monitoring software that offers almost 150+ features that help you spy on your employees.


  • Its call recording feature activates just after few clicks
  • Its remote spy camera features even works with remote message commands
  • Great choice for tracking instant messaging chats
  • It offers a unique feature that allows exporting of GPS logs
  • 24 X 7 availability of online chat support


XNSPY was specifically been designed for parental as well as employee monitoring needs.


  • Easy to use online dashboard/control panel
  • Location tracking feature gives a100% accurate results
  • Offers a watchlist feature that lets you set alerts on specific words, numbers and even locations
  • No jailbreak required in case of an iPhone
  • Even let’s you remotely erase date from the targeted cell phone
  • Offers advanced features like Live Screenshots, Call and Surrounding Recording feature


It is a great spy application that you can install on the targeted employee’s cell phone in order to keep a track of their activities


  • Affordable price
  • Offers tracking of messaging applications like Kakao Talk and Badoo, unlike any other Employee Monitoring Software available in the market
  • One subscription of Spy Stealth lets you track on 5 different cell phones at a time

So, now that you know everything about employee monitoring software, you can choose any of the above-mentioned applications to constantly keep an eye on your employees. Have a happy spying experience!

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