Learn How to Spy on Netflix to Keep Your Kids Safe

Spy on Netflix to Keep Your Kids Safe

Did you know 65% of Netflix’s original content is rated as TV-MA?

In the modern-day world, popular streaming services are rapidly taking over the regular broadcast television. As a result, kids streaming videos on Netflix and other streaming services is a common sight. While a little use of this medium can be quite entertaining, the excess of Netflix can harm your kids to a great extent.

Further, leaving your kids unsupervised with Netflix is not a great idea as this streaming platform is not bound to the same content restrictions as that of regular TV shows and movies. In such a case, it is quite normal for concerned parents to look for ways to spy on Netflix and other popular streaming services like Disney Plus and Hulu.

Does your child or teenager use Netflix a lot? Do you think they might be seeing some inappropriate content over there? Well, fret not! We are here to tell you how to spy on Netflix to keep your kids safe. Let the scrolling begin.

Why is Netflix Monitoring A Necessity?

As per a study by the Parents Television Council, Netflix has led to an increase in the screen time of kids by 2.5 hours each day. This increase can undoubtedly be termed as a Netflix obsession that only continues to grow over time.

All thanks to Netflix, where you could only see your favorite show or movie at a fixed time earlier, it is now possible to watch it from anyplace and anytime. Be it the age-old blockbusters or the Netflix originals, you can see all easily at a nominal monthly subscription fee.

Now, the question is – if Netflix is so good, why is there a need to look for smart parental control software to spy on Netflix of your kids? Here’s the answer – While your kids and teens can find uncountable shows and movies on Netflix, the content of some is not quite appropriate.

Sure, Netflix has managed to categorize its content under certain age groups. However, not all the movies and shows can fit a certain category. Let us tell you why! Most of the 14+ rated shows on Netflix are sure to have some scenes or either violence, sexual innuendos, or drug and alcohol abuse. Of course, the message at the end is great, but whether or not your kid can view it depends totally on their maturity rather than age.

Now, Netflix even has its own set of parental controls. You can use them when your kid is young and doesn’t own a cell phone. However, after he/she has one, there is no way you can restrict their content. Even if you do so, they are sure to find some of the other ways to view whatever they want. So, you cannot really stop them from viewing anything on Netflix.

But what if we tell you a cell phone monitoring software can limit the Netflix content without your kid knowing about it or spy on Netflix remotely? Keep reading to know more!

How to Spy on Netflix?

If you wish to spy on Netflix to keep your kids safe, the best and most reliable solution is the use of a cell phone spy app. Using such an application, you not only monitor Netflix on your kids’ phone but also carry out social media monitoring, track GPS location, listen to phone calls, read text messages, and do a lot more. You only need to find the best cell phone monitoring software for this.

To make your work easy, we offer the best spy app reviews. So, be it Spymaster Pro reviews or honest reviews of other popular spy apps; you can find all with us. Typically, almost all spy apps allow you to spy on any cell phone remotely. Also, they come packed with a number of spy features. You can jot down whatever you need from your spy app, go through our reviews, and then choose the application that suits your needs the best.

Steps to Spy on Netflix

Now, once you have the best cell phone spy app that can spy on iPhone without jailbreak and offers Android spy without root, you need to know how to get started with it. The general steps you may have to follow for this are:

  • Purchase the spy app subscription you want.
  • Then, install it to the target phone and spy on Android without root. The installation process for this will not take more than five minutes.
  • For an iPhone, an ideal spy app will let you monitor it using the iCloud credentials. So, simply use them to spy on iPhone without installation and jailbreak.
  • Lastly, you can carry out Netflix monitoring by logging in to your spy app account. All the activity will be visible on the spy app dashboard.

Our #1 Pick for the Spy App to Monitor Netflix

If you need the best cell phone spy app to carry out Netflix monitoring, we suggest the high-tech and the most coveted spy app – Spymaster Pro. From being a smart parental control app to the best cheating wife tracker, the application is perfect for those looking for a budget-buy. Also, the spy app has some of the best reviews out there, and all the Spymaster Pro success stories boast of how the product is 100% reliable. Apart from spying on Netflix, you can do the following with it:

  • Know what you kid and teen do on their cell phone
  • Catch a cheating spouse
  • Take control of your company devices
  • Listen to calls and read text messages
  • Track anyone’s GPS location
  • Carry out social media monitoring
  • Set sensitive information alert
  • Retrieve deleted messages
  • Track any phone remotely
  • Spy in 100% hidden mode
  • Monitor any app on the target phone


So, this is how you can spy on Netflix and keep your kids safe. Without a second thought, we suggest the Spymaster Pro app for this. For further choices, our honest and unbiased spy app reviews are sure to come in handy. Go check them out now, and pick the best cell phone spy app!

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