Media Tracking

Media Tracking

The picture, a visual content has the potential to communicate every minute detail in just one quick gaze. To simplify, let’s take an example, a picture of a kid cutting the cake with people around. What information can you obtain from this visual representation? The data-who is the birthday boy or girl, whether the birthday is being commemorated in-house or at a restaurant, his or her best pals, and much more.

Here, you might be perplexed, what the above has to do with picture spying. The Selfies, groupies and other photos clicked and stored in a cell phone, tells a lot about someone’s personality and the what kind of individual he or she is. If your child has a lot of Selfies, means-he might be fascinated by the social networking platforms. On the other, photos of mountains, the dark clouds, flowers, all these reveal he is a nature enthusiast.

Picture Tracker for Your Kids

No matter, how advanced and open parenting will become, probably, no parents want they children to have nude pics on their smartphone. Thanks to the internet, tech-savvy children of today have easy access these kind of content. Though, our children are quite smart nowadays, not wise enough to make the right choice for them. Since downloading and uploading porn content is ban in most states, your little one may become an easy prey of child predator with the temptation of porn content sharing.

Picture Tracker for Your Partner

Unless misinterpreted, photos don’t lie. A photo showcasing your husband in shorts with an unknown lady and the mesmerizing surrounding, you come across while spying on his media content reveals the truth your partner is being unfaithful to you. Not just cheating photos, explosive, nude pics of ladies or men should never occupy some extra GB’s on your mate’s phone memory. This shows he or she is vulnerable to attractive opposite sex.

How to Get Started with GPS Tracking?

Step 1:

Firstly you have to install any of the top software Spymaster Pro, mSpy, and FlexiSPY on the object device. This set-up process will hardly take three to five minutes.


Upon installation, relax for 24 hours, as the photo tracker spy app you have chosen will obtain the data from the target phone.

Step 3:

Now, log onto your spy app user dashboard with the credentials you have received upon registration From all the monitoring options, select photo attribute After this, you can check someone else’s media content remotely.

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