mSpy Child Phone Tracker Reviews 2020

mSpy Reviews 2020

What It Is and How It Works?

mSpy is one of the top-rated cell Phone tracking app that you can use to monitor any target mobile on Android and iOS. The app runs remotely and can run in the background after it has gotten installed for a smooth experience.

To get access to mSpy, you need to go to the website and click on the ‘Try Now’ or ‘Get Started’ button to click an account to start the process. You can download the software from the website on the target Android.

Although, some advanced features require rooting on Android phones or jailbreak on an iPhone device. You can then login to the mSpy control panel to start monitoring the target mobile to get the necessary data.

Things You Should Know Before Buying mSpy

mSpy is a spy used by many to track a cell phone to find the truth or keep your child safe in the unpredictable times that we live in right now. It does feature in the top ratings from some reviews and consumers.

But you need to know a few key things before you buy mSpy:-

How to get the software?

You can purchase the software from the mSpy website. After making the purchase, you will receive an email containing the login details that will allow you to access your control panel and instructions for installation.

The control panel of the software does contain the download link. To view the required information from the target mobile, you can log in to your mSpy account to download the mSpy app on the mobile you intend to monitor.

Do I need to get physical access to the phone to install mSpy?

Yes, physical access is required to install mSpy as a parental control app on your kid’s phone. It is necessary to download the installation file and manually install it.

Do I have to root an Android mobile before installing mSpy?

You don’t have to worry, and there’s no rooting required. You can monitor all the Android phones without any rooting.

Will my child be able to know that mSpy got installed? 

Various mSpy software reviews state that selecting the option ‘, I would like to keep the icon’ option while installing the app would be the only way to let your child know that mSpy got installed. If not, then the mSpy icon will automatically hide after the installation is complete.

Is mSpy Legal?

If you want to monitor a phone you do not own or don’t have permission to monitor, then you should not have purchased the product as it will be an illegal action. mSpy is a cell phone tracking app for legitimate use but with permission only.

mSpy Features

mSpy gets rated as one of the best monitoring software solutions in the market. They have various features to get the information you need from the target phone. It has two fundamental versions, Basic and premium, which monitor both iPhone and Android.

mSpy featuresWritten below are some of the critical features of the Premium plan:-

GPS Tracking 

Keeping track of your kids and not be worried continuously is one wish for any modern parent to keep kids safe. mSpy as a tracking software fulfills that need by recording the GPS location of your phone. It will keep sending you regular updates on where your child is.

Call Log Tracking

With the mSpy app, you can track a cell phone to monitor their calls and other details like the name of contacts on the call list, duration of the calls, the time, etc. Though, listening to those calls is not part of the feature.

Website monitoring and blocking

mSpy works quite well as a cell phone tracker app to prevent the kids from all the internet dangers. Parents are allowed to monitor the websites their kid’s visit and restrict access to sites that are potentially harmful to their children.

Key logger

As one of the best monitoring software in the market,mSpy will allow the consumer to have access to every single keystroke on the target mobile. This way, you will be able to get a view of everything that your child does and the information they send to others. Although, the feature is currently available on Android only. All their secret and confidential information will be known to you; hence special care is needed.

System Requirements for mSpy

If you want to use mSpy as a parental control app, then there are some system requirements for mSpy that you need to fulfill. Written below is a brief explanation with some categories:-

mSpy on jail-broken iOS

  • The target iPhone needs to be running on iOS 6 – 8.4, 9 – 9.1
  • The target iPhone has to be jail-broken
  • Physical access to the target iPhone of your child is necessary.

mSpy on Non-jail-broken iOS

  • It is compatible with all iOS versions.
  • All you need are iCloud credentials of the target mobile.
  • iCloud backup is necessary.

mSpy for Android

  • The target mobile should have Android 4 or later
  • Physical access is required to install mSpy.
  • A few advanced features only worked when you have rooted the target Android mobile.

How mSpy works on iPhone without jailbreak?

mSpy can work as a cell phone tracker app on your child’s iPhone if you keep a few facts in mind when trying to use the no-jailbreak version. You need to use the iCloud credentials and iCloud backup. Physical access gets also required if iCloud backup has not got activated or if the 2 step verification has obtained enabled.


Plenty of mSpy software reviews online can be found explaining the long line of features to make it so accessible. Many parents and employees trust it. Although it does face some glaring issues as some advanced tracking and social media features, etc. need jail-breaking and rooting the target mobile.

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