How to keep loved ones safe during New Year celebrations with best Spy apps offers?

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The New Year is upon us, and so is the start of a new decade. A new decade means even more joyful and extensive celebration events. During such mayhem, the safety of your loved ones is a legitimate concern, and using the best spy apps reviews to select a tracking software makes total sense. You never know who may try to target your loved ones on their mobile.

The negative side of New Year celebrations

Parents are desperate need to keep their kids safe, and it is perfectly understandable if you want to monitor your children secretly too. There have been so many incidents of new year celebrations going out of control that a concern for loved one’s increases in these times.

Some well-known dangers of these celebrations are:-

  • These celebrations are a horrible reminder of how lonely you are, even if you don’t feel like that otherwise.
  • The crowds are so intense at most places that it is claustrophobia-inducing.
  • You want to wear a cool party dress, but the winters make it complicated.
  • Parties start and end too late and are often at resorts on the edge of cities, which is not too safe.
  • The central theme for most parties is drinking, and the hangover can be pretty bad, especially if there is an office the next morning.
  • New Year mania can lead to heightened anxiety, sleep disturbances, headaches, and stress in many people, according to Medical News Today (2008).
  • Anyone suffering from mental distress can have a difficult time in these times feeling even more isolated and alone with everyone in a party mood with friends and family.
  • The fireworks are highly toxic and dangerous. The lack of winds movement mixed with fireworks and vehicular pollution is problematic for anyone with breathing problems.

Tips during New Year Celebrations

New Year celebrations are one of the most joyful times for many as they make merry and head into the new year. But as enjoyable these times are, it is incredibly vital to keep a sane head. There is the option of cell phone monitoring for parents for some peace of mind. Things can get wrong or problematic is so many ways.

Here are some commonly suggested tips for times of these celebrations:-

  • Drinking and driving is a strict no-no after such a night of merry. Always keep a designated sober friend or call a cab.
  • Keep your mobile battery in mind as you may need to contact anyone urgently.
  • Travel in groups, and don’t take drinks from strangers.
  • It is essential to stay aware of your surroundings and happenings.
  • Stay hydrated with an ample amount of water between all the drinking and snacks.
  • Make plans for the whole night in advance to avoid any health problems.
  • Keep the alcohol consumption within your limits.
  • People feeling alone get recommended to exercise and stay in contact with people you trust.
  • People feeling alone can volunteer for a charity or do something productive.

3 Spy apps with the best offers to stay safe on New Year

The use of a spy app is highly recommended by experts to keep your loved ones safe, especially during the time of widespread celebrations. You can use the best spy apps reviews to choose one that fits your pocket and needs as well.

We have written 3 such software with best offers to help keep your loved one safe this new year:-

1. Spymaster Pro

Spymaster pro New year saleSpymaster Pro is one of the best iPhone and Android spy apps in the market. The mobile monitoring software has been serving customers for over 7 years and offers a massive 50% off this New Year season for you. With a 24*7 customer care in 10 languages, this could be the gift that could create a great start for the new decade.

2. mSpy

mSpy is a popular cell phone spy app for Android and iPhone. You can buy the software to keep a close eye on your partner and your kids this new year. As of now, there is no New Year discount coupon fir mSpy, but it has decent service and customer support.

3. Spyzie

Spyzie is monitoring software used by some parents and employees to keep a close eye. If you want to know their activities throughout the day and especially during the celebrations, this offers a decent service to customers. It is offering a 7 to 10% discount during the New Year season.


The New Year is just on the corner, and people are already making plans. But one must not forget caution in all the commotion to get ready for the celebrations. On the eve of New Year 2013 alone reported 140 individuals got killed in alcohol-related crashes. So, it is a good idea to use a cell phone monitoring for parents and loved ones in general during this time of excitement and joy.