Become Your Own Private Investigator with these Top 5 Cell Phone Detective Apps!

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History Of Private Investigators

Talking about the history of detectives, Private investigator’s presence has also been recorded in the Old Testament Bible when God told Moses to send some men in order to spy on Canaan. Though the very first Investigation Agency was found in 1833 by Eugène François Vidocq who served as a French Soldier and later a Criminal.

Evolution of Private Investigators

Private Investigators came into existence when people started believing that detectives could do much better than what the official law enforcement was willing to do. Moreover, mostly rich people deployed them in order to resolve disputes.

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Services Offered by Private Detectives

  • Conducts physical surveillance ( i.e can follow your target for you)
  • Run Business Background checks for employers
  • Undercover sting operations
  • Could help you inquire about Identity Theft
  • Can check Public record in Court
  • Investigate in case of
  • Infidelity Issues
  • Divorce Cases
  • Insurance and Fraud Claims
  • Missing Person
  • Welfare Investigation
  • Child Custody Cases
  • Stalkers or Online Predators
  • Forensic Investigation
  • Sexual Harassment Cases

cell phone detective

So, are you too looking for a Private Investigator? If yes! Then probably you want to spy on any of the following:

1) A Cheating Spouse

If you are someone who is suspicious about his/her partner cheating on them, what you need right now is a Spouse Monitoring Software, not a Private Investigator.

Cheating Spouse Survey

  • Out of 24,000 people who participated in the survey, 79% and 91% females admitted to having an emotional affair
  • Out of 20,000 participants, 74% males and 54% females accepted they had a one night stand
  • Out of 6000 participants, 20% males and 26% of females admitted that they used mobile apps to cheat on their spouses
  • Out of 9000 participants, 30% male and 40% of females were engaged in Cyber Sex activities
  • Out of 6500 participants, 21% men and 44% females admitted they cheated on their partner with someone their lover already knows
  • Out of 21,000 participants, 25% of men and 35% of women were cheating over their spouses because they were bored with their sex lives
  • Out of 20,000 participants, 68% males and 53% females accepted that they cheated on their partners more than once

With so much infidelity flooding in this digital era, it’ better to keep an eye on your spouse!

2) An Internet Addicted Child

If you are a parent and worried about your teen’s excessive internet usage then all you need is a Child Monitoring Software instead of a Private detective.

Why do parents need to keep a check on their teen’s internet usage?

There are many reasons why as a parent you need to constantly keep a check on your Internet Addicted teen’s activities because of the following reasons could be the root cause of their internet addiction:

  • They could be watching pornography online
  • Your teen could probably be facing Cyber Bullying Online
  • Your child could possibly be a victim of Online Predators
  • They could probably be dating online

So, as a parent, it is solely your responsibility to make sure that you keep a track of their online activities.

3) An Ethically Irresponsible Employee

So, if you are an employer and worried about some employee either breaching your confidentiality or suspicious about someone being responsible for unethical behavior, then you should probably look for an Employee Monitoring Software rather than a Spy.

Examples of Misconducts at Workplace

  • Discrimination
  • Bullying
  • Theft
  • Romantic Relationships
  • Insubordination
  • Profanity
  • Damage to Property
  • Breaching Confidentiality

Workplace Ethics Survey

According to a survey conducted by the US National Business ethics, the following results were observed:

  • In 60% cases, the root cause of misconduct was someone from managerial level
  • 18% of the employees were found misbehaving and using offensive words
  • 17% of the employees lied at the workplace
  • Discrimination rate rose to 12%
  • 7% of the employees were found sexually harassing others
  • 20% of the employees had to face retaliation at work

So, basically, if you are struggling with any of the three above mentioned cases then you no more need to look for a private investigator. Yes! You heard it right!

There are Cell Phone Detective Apps for you that can do all the effort for you and the best part about these applications are that they are inexpensive and you no more have to rely on some other person for your spying needs. You could probably be your own Private Investigator! Isn’t it great!

What is Cell Phone Detective Apps?

Cell Phone Detective Apps or Cell Phone Private Investigation Apps, no matter what you call them, are smartphone compatible applications that you can install on your employee’s, teens and lover’s cell phone in order to track down their online activities as well as their location.

Features Offered by Private Investigation Apps

Cell Phone Detective Apps offer the following services:

  • Let’s you keep a track of targeted user’s Call Logs
  • Gives you an extra privilege to record incoming and outgoing calls along with Live Listening feature
  • Using these apps you can even read sent and received messages that have been exchanged via Targeted Cell Phone
  • Helps you track your teen’s GPS Location and also allows you to Geo-fence certain locations that you find dangerous for your kid
  • You can trace all inbound and outbound emails sent via the targeted user’s cell phone
  • It lets you track all Instant Messaging Conversations like Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat, Skype, iMessage, Hike, Viber, We Chat, BBM, Telegram, Tinder, Hangout, BBM, Instagram and many other
  • Let’s you view all captured and saved pictures and videos
  • You can even enjoy the perks of remote features like remote spy camera, live screenshot with just a single remote message command
  • Private Investigation Apps let you block apps remotely that you find inappropriate for your child and lover
  • You can even track suspicious user’s Web Browser History
  • These apps let you set alerts on certain words, locations, and contact number
  • You could also enjoy the perks of keylogger features, i.e you can view all typed words via this feature

So, now that you are well versed with all the features these apps offer let’s get you acquainted with the Top 5 Cell Phone Detective Apps that you can use as Employee/Spouse/Child Monitoring Software. So, here are the following:


You no more need to rely on any detective for your spying needs, just buy any of the above-mentioned Cell Phone Detective Apps and become your own Private Investigator!