Parent Alert : What Are the Dangers of Roblox?

dangers of Roblox to your kids

Does your kid enjoy playing Roblox? It sure is a creative and fun platform to learn, play, and earn. But if you are worried about the dangers of Roblox to your kids, it is completely fine. To ease out your worry, you can go through this parent alert blog post and understand how to guard your kids against the significant risks of this game. Let the scrolling begin.

What is Roblox?

Roblox, a user-generated virtual world platform, is an immensely popular multiplayer online game among the young user fan base. People create avatars here and can create their own games and play them. This gaming platform is free to download on devices like iOS, Android, Xbox, and computers.

Further, this online game has nearly 90 million monthly active users. Also, kids on Roblox are as young as six years old! Over the years, it has become the #1 mode of online entertainment for kids under 13 as well as teenagers. So, being anxious about the dangers of Roblox can be a common occurrence for parents of such kids and teens.

dangers of Roblox Why Is Roblox Dangerous for Kids?

While Roblox offers a fun environment to kids, it can be a cause of various dangers. Some of the dangers of Roblox that your children can face include:

  • Your kid can chat with strangers in the game. So, they can fall victim to cyberbullying, online harassment, and other cybercrimes.
  • Some of the games, like those of the horror genre, may have a long-lasting effect on the mental health of your kids.
  • Games that include killing and violet shooting can affect their minds too.
  • Further, certain games have adult stuff, and this can affect your child’s behavior too.
  • Your kid might end up spending real money in the game.

Thus, the dangers of Roblox for kids can affect your kid’s mental health a lot. Also, in certain cases, they can affect them physically or their parents financially.

Why Should Parents Be Worried?

Under our Roblox parental control guide, here is a detailed analysis of why you, as a parent, must worry if your kid plays Roblox a lot:

  • Roblox User-Generated Content

When you talk about the dangers of Roblox, its user-generated content is what will worry you the most. As the games on this platform are created by the people playing it, these do not fall under any age ratings. While the games with explicit images may be filtered for the kids playing it, horror, murder, and bloody themes are still allowed.

Such genres of a game can affect the developing minds of kids tremendously. One example of such a game is Hotline Roblox. In it, the players are supposed to use guns or knives to knock out each other, and eventually, one person wins with the blood splatters of the others’ death.

Now, if the person playing such a game is an adult, it is not a matter of concern. But kids, especially those under the age of 13, can be affected by it to a great extent. So, the wise idea is to use parental controls to limit the contents of the game. Also, make sure that your kid plays the games offered by Roblox under your supervision.

  • Roblox In-Game Purchases

The Roblox game can be downloaded for free on your kid’s device. Also, there are no charges to play the games it offers. However, just like all other online games, upgrading equipment, and outfits require certain game-money. In the case of Roblox, this money is called Robux.

Now, this can only be purchased using real money. And if you are not careful, your kid may end up spending your cash for this. You need to worry about this, especially if your account is linked to the phone your kid is playing this game on. This is among the financial dangers of Roblox.

You can start by talking to your kid about the commercial aspect of the game before you allow them to play it. Tell them that they can play the game well, even without the additional content. You can also use a parental control app on your phone to ensure that any purchase is not made without your permission.

  • Roblox Online Interactions

Just like most other social and gaming platformsout there, the dangers of Roblox also include the chat option that it offers. When your kid uses this on his/her phone, it is impossible to monitor it 24/7. In such a case, you will never know if your child talks to any stranger on chat.

Now, since kids are naïve and innocent, they are easy targets for online predators. They can fall prey to cyberbullying and other online crimes. Further, since they are kids, they can easily reveal personal information about them. This information may be anything from their identity and residence address to their school information and even your bank account details.

Now, if some criminal tends to find such details, it can be highly dangerous. So, you must always make sure to educate your kid about how much he/she should reveal online. Also, if they are using a personal phone, do not hesitate to install a cell phone monitoring software on it. This will protect them from the dangers of Roblox and also other online threats.

  • Roblox YouTube Videos

Many parents may not know that certain players record their Roblox games. Then, they tend to upload them to YouTube. The language used in these may not be kid-friendly. Also, these videos may feature sexual content or violent themes. So, make sure that your kid does not see any inappropriate Roblox videos on YouTube or clipping of it on any other social site like Instagram or Facebook.

roblox - parental control guideHow to Protect Your Kids from The Dangers of Roblox?

The most reliable and simplest way to keep your kids safe from the dangers of Roblox is with the help of a cell phone spy app. Now, you can readily find such spy apps online. A perfect example of this is Spymaster Pro. You can check out Spymaster Pro reviews and other popular spy app reviews on our website.

With these applications, you can quickly restrict your kid’s access to online games. Also, they allow you to do a lot more. Some of these things are:

  • Monitor Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social sites
  • Retrieve deleted messages
  • Filter content
  • Track your kid’s location
  • Apply restrictions to YouTube
  • Block unsuitable websites and apps
  • Sensitive information alert
  • Check call logs and phone book details
  • Read text messages remotely


So, this is all you, as a parent, must know about the dangers of Roblox. The best way to keep your kids protected from it is by using a cell phone monitoring software and limiting the content that is made available to your kid. Apart from this, you will be able to monitor all the other contents of their cell phone, that too remotely and in a hidden mode. For the best cell phone spy app, do not forget to check out our spy app reviews.

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