Parental control apps that will remotely shut down my child’s phone at bedtime

Shut down my child's phone at bedtime

Parenting has developed in a hundred different ways with technology. Mobiles are in every hand, and addiction to technology is the new normal of our world. It is understandable for any parent to get overwhelmed with pressures of work, family, and then kids that occupy a big part of your life. There is some reliable help to assist parents in the form of that same technology.

Why do you need parental control apps?

Parental control software is a big help to any responsible parent. These tools allow a parent to manage and have a constant update on what their kid’s activities are regularly. With kids and teenagers using smart-phones more than ever, these tools have more significant importance.

Some of these uses are explained briefly here:-

Monitor your child’s activity

Kids are engaging in online activities in a big way. They are making friends, posting photos, and videos online, searching for help on homework, sending emails, etc. You need parental control to ensure they don’t venture into the dangerous part of the web.

Time limits on devices

The best part of such a tool, whether it is an iPhone or Android parental control app, is the ability set time limits on the usage of their mobile. You can decide on a commonly accepted routine for your child that is helpful to their health, daily schedule, and family life too. You can choose when the internet stops and when their mobile shuts down.

Back up data

Kids nowadays use the internet and their mobiles to do their homework. This fact makes that data very important and for it to get saved in a safe and secure place. Many parental control tools offer the facility to have a back up of the data for a month or more.

Online reputation

Kids are known to flood the internet with a vast number of pictures and videos. It is important to remember is that companies often do an online search, and if there are any problematic posts, it could be troubling for them in the future. Track all these activities and make them aware of the privacy settings on these platforms.

Filtering online content

You can find anything online these days. This facility has its benefits obviously, but the downside is that there so much information available online that inappropriate content can get exposed to the kids. It can be a cause of significant harm and concern for them and the whole family. Stay updated with all that your kids surf and what content they are exposed to regularly.

Ways to shut down your child’s phone

It is understandable for any parent to know how to shut down their kid’s phone to avoid addiction to technology in this day and age. There are a few ways to do this explained briefly here:-

Phone settings

For iOS devices

You can reduce your kid’s screen time by enabling downtime in the OS. You will find these settings in the Screen Time settings. With downtime, the iPhone will have regular phone features and use apps that you will allow.

For Android devices

Family Link from Google will allow you to set a schedule when the phone will get shut down and when it will get turned on. The app requires 2 downloads, one in the target device and one in your device. You can also lock the mobile so no one can access the said mobile.

Spy app 

Another way to ensure your kid’s social security and overall well being is a spy app. These parental software solutions give you the feature to control your kid’s screen time and turn it off remotely, along with a host of other features.

3 Best Parental Control Apps

parental control appThe availability of parental software solutions is a cause of comfort for many parents. Knowing that they can stay aware of their kid’s daily activities is a significant relief. Written below are three of the best such software options for you to choose:-

1. Spymaster Pro

Spymaster Pro is one of the leading parental control software in the market. It has working software for both Android and iOS that has been trusted by many parents around the world. The software has got high praise from tech experts too.

  • 24*7 customer care in 10 languages
  • Most affordable
  • Easiest access
  • Not compatible with Blackberry and Symbian

2. mSpy

mSpy is a decent software option used by a good number of parents and employees. It has some features that are much in demand by parents to keep their kids safe and secure. It is available for both platforms, Android and iOS mobiles.

  • Easy access
  • Remote monitoring
  • Stealth mode
  • Comparatively costly

3. Spyzie

Spyzie is a popular mobile monitoring software for both Android and iOS. There are some groups of people that have used Spyzie for quite some time. It is one of the top three options if, as a parent, you want to keep your child safe and secure.

  • Invisible on target mobile
  • Easy access
  • Tracks social media
  • Lack of effective customer care


Kids and teenagers are one of the major groups with access to the internet and mobiles. While it has made lives convenient all around, it often puts parents on the edge who are always worried about the effect of mobiles on kids. To prevent addiction to technology and other adverse effects, they want to know how to turn off their kid’s cell phone, and the spy app is one of the trusted methods.

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