Should You Monitor Your Child’s Online Activity?

The Internet is an extraordinary place for all and has altered our lives in more ways than we can ever visualize. When it comes to social media, early exposure to all the social media giants can greatly influence the thinking of its users. At the same time, the Internet is full of numerous dangers, especially when it comes to kids. Then again, as per a recent study, kids who begin using social apps and the Internet at an early age are known to have some unique views in comparison to people of the same age group who started it late. In such a case, there remains a great concern in the minds of parents – Should they let their kids use the Internet?


Most experts think that they should. This, in turn, gives rise to another query – Should you monitor your child’s online activity using parental control software? Here, you will find about the same.

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What Is the Correct Age to Let Your Child Use the Internet?

Parenting can be quite a task in the modern world. While earlier, the dilemmas of parents consisted of whether or not they should get their kid a new game or let them drive, their worries are altogether a different story now. Now, the most frequently asked query among parents is – What is the right age to get your child their first smartphone or let them use the Internet?

The answer to this can be trickier than ever. The cell phone is a gateway to a lot of information for kids as it provides unrestricted internet access. Also, it is an excellent device if you wish to stay in touch with your kids when they are out to study or play. Now, the Internet that they can use with a smartphone is both a boon and a bane for parents.

No doubt, there are tons of benefits of giving your kid a cell phone at an early age. Apart from their education, it also can be used for entertainment purposes. Also, the Internet is a great place for them to learn new things. However, the same platform comes with some explicit and offensive content.

If your kid comes across inappropriate things like sexting apps and porn sites, it can have a huge impact on their mental health. Further, on social media, your child can be prone to cyberbullies, harassers, and sexual predators. In such a case, when is your child ready for a cell phone? Ideally, it is better to wait for as long as you can before giving your kid their first cell phone.

This age can be 12 or 14 – you can be the judge of that. However, once you give your kid a mobile phone, get ready to see them engrossed in constant text message pings, Instagram notifications, and Facebook chats. Also, you will worry about their online safety forever. And it is where child cell phone monitoring comes into the picture.

What Is a Child Cell Phone Monitoring Software?

If you wish to keep your kids safe online, this is the software that can help you out. It can spy on iPhone without jailbreak and monitor any android phone without root. Also, you will be able to monitor your kid’s online activity remotely and in 100% hidden mode. In case you are looking for the best parental control software, we have numerous suggestions for you.

You can check our website for reviews of the same. Our topmost pick for the same is Spymaster Pro. With this cell phone spy app, you can spy on the latest Android phone and iPhone from the comfort of your space and anytime. Also, this top-rated parental control app is super affordable. You can check out Spymaster Pro reviews with us before making a purchase.

Disturbing Online Experiences Spymaster Pro Can Save Your Kids From:

By now, we know that the Internet is a great space for kids to learn something new. However, a single episode of an unpleasant or hurtful online experience can change the discourse of their lives. Therefore, parents and guardians must ensure the well-being of their kids by looking after what they see online.

Here is what you can keep your kids away from if you start using a parental control software like Spymaster Pro:

Accidental Exposure to Adult Content

Did you know kids as young as seven-year-old are watching porn today? And their parents are either unaware of it or are in denial. Also, 63% of children who watch porn have stumbled across it by accident. Your kids can easily come across display ads and popups that can take them to such content, especially if they use a shared Wi-Fi network.

It is because of tracking cookies. So, if any adult using the Wi-Fi network browses adult content, it will increase the chance of kids stumbling across such explicit content. This exposure to porn at such a tender age can damage your kids’ mental health and lead to harmful consequences. If you feel like your kid is exposed to it, you can check their web browser history using parental control software.

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Explicit Games

When it comes to these, they again are as harmful as the adult content. Besides online adult video games, your kids may even stumble across deadly games like MOMO and Blue Whale.

Over the years, there have been several suicide cases reported due to the deadly challenges that come with these games. In order to keep your kids away from these, simply use parental control software to block them out.

Violent or Hate Content

As your kid starts to explore the Internet, he/she may also come across content like cruelty to humans and animals, terror attacks, beheadings, bombings, violence, and a lot more. Also, there are numerous self-harm sites and pro-suicide content on the Internet.

All of this can act as a trigger and can have a negative impact on kids. You can again control whether or not they can view this using parental control software.

Online Stalking/ Cyber Bullying/ Trolling

Facing an episode of online stalking, cyberbullying, or trolling can make your kid timid and unconfident. Also, they may eventually drag themselves into forbidden activities due to it. Most of these incidents usually occur through social sites. So, it is a wise idea to carry out social media monitoring on your kid using parental control software. 

Online Sexual Harassment

Did you know many episodes of online sexual harassment occur through Facebook? And this is the platform that your kid uses the most. Along with this, there are numerous websites and social platforms that you may have no idea about. In such a case, it is crucial to monitor your kids secretly and remotely with parental control software.

So, Should You Monitor Your Child’s Online Activity?

With all these disturbing online experiences, we would say that, yes, it is a good idea to monitor your child’s online activity. Since it is impossible to stop their use of the Internet, the best you can do is limit the harmful stuff and keep them away from danger.

All of this can be easily done with parental control software. Using such applications, you can limit screen time, block violent or sexually explicit content, restrict the use of risky applications, filter the searches, set up sensitive information alerts, carry out location tracking, and do a lot more.

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