How To Spy On Someone’s Instagram Account?


Instagram is a popular platform that allows photo and video sharing and has millions of users worldwide. This is a one-of-a-kind platform where your pictures do the speaking for you! Moreover, there is no age restriction, Instagram welcomes people of all age groups to come and share their best moments with the world.

And, the best part about this popular internet-based Photo Sharing Application is that it is very easy to use moreover, it has a wide range of filters that make you and your pictures look super awesome. Basically, Instagram provides it’s users a chance to manage their online image in front of other people.

And as a matter of fact, people of the 21st Century love to share their pictures with everyone they know in a very creative way. Moreover, you get a chance to showcase your photography skills. But, if you are planning to stalk someone on Instagram then we are very sorry to say that you can’t do that until and unless you are friends with them.

But yes, with the advancement in technology nothing seems impossible anymore. There are certain applications that have specifically been designed to spy on other online activity and these applications go by some popular names like spy apps, Cell Phone Monitoring Software, Spyware, etc.

So, if you are willing to spy on someone’s Instagram successfully then it is advisable for you to use a cell phone spying application for that. You will be surprised to know that you will completely be able to access someone’s Instagram account and that too without leaving a single trace of your activity. Another best part about these applications is that it is a very simple app to use, without unnecessary complicated download and installation process.

These spy applications take a few minutes to download on the targeted cell phone that you wish to spy. We have often observed that people generally spy on Instagram users that they already know like partners, colleagues, friends, family members.

What are these Spy Apps?

Spy apps are smartphone compatible applications that let you spy on the targeted person’s cell phone by providing you the privilege to take full control over their cell phone. These monitoring apps are basically used for the following basic surveillance needs:

Employee Monitoring 

For all those who are worried about their employees misbehaving or showing unethical behavior at the workplace can use these Spy Apps as an Employee Monitoring Software and track down all their activities at the workplace.

Teen Monitoring

All parents who are worried about their teenage kids being addicted to the Internet or being influenced by a bad company can use these Cell Phone Monitoring Apps as Child Monitoring Software and constantly keep an eye on their online activity.

Spouse Monitoring

These apps are a miracle app for all the lovers out there suspicious about their partners cheating on them as they can use these Spy Software as Spouse monitoring Software and catch their cheating partners red-handed!

Features of Spying Applications

Although there is no limit to what a single Cell Phone Monitoring software can offer there are some basic features that you will find in almost all spy applications. So, here are the following:

  • Monitoring Text Messages: You can read all messages either sent or received by the targeted user. Moreover, you can even keep a track of the additional data and time stamp along with deleted messages.
  • Call Log Details: You can even track all incoming as well as outgoing calls along with their date and time details
  • Web Browser History: You can keep an eye on all most visited as well as recently visited websites along with URL’s of bookmarked websites
  • Location/GPS tracking: You can even track the real-time location of the targeted user with 100 % accuracy
  • Email Monitoring: You can even read inbound and outbound emails that have either been received or sent by the suspicious user along with contact details if in case the contacts are synced with the email
  • Multimedia Tracking: All pictures and videos that have either been stored or recently captured by the intended user can easily be viewed remotely
  • Call Recording And Live Feature: You can even listen to all calls live, which are being made by the suspicious person and that too in high-quality sound. And you can even record the live calls and can replay them anytime you want
  • Monitoring Of IM Chats: Spy apps give you a chance to track various instant messaging applications like Snapchat, Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, WeChat, Telegram, LINE, etc
  • Phone Surrounding Recording: Surprisingly, you can even record the surrounding voices remotely without letting the targeted person know about it
  • Remote Access: Spy apps allow you to remotely lock the targeted cell phone, turn on or off certain features as well as block inappropriate applications
  • Triggers And Alerts: Using a spy application you can even set alerts on specific numbers, phrases and even Geo-fence certain locations where you don’t want either your teen or lover to visit.

So, now that you are well acquainted with all the features that a spy app can offer, let’s provide you with the list of the Best Cell Phone Spy Apps that you can buy this year in order to avail all the perks of a cell phone monitoring software. So, here are the following:

1) Spymaster Pro
2) mSpy
3) Flexispy
4) Xnspy
5) Spy Stealth

We hope that you found our information useful and it also helped you get acquainted with advanced cell phone monitoring software.

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