Spymaster Pro Feature Update 2020 ‘Sensitive Information Alert’


The one constant companion with most people in this day and age is a smart-phone. Smart-phones have become so much more than a tool for person to person communication. Sensitive information is a big topic as most of our activities get conducted through a smart-phone.

From work emails, and in house chats to personal conversations and most activities under the sun happening on the mobile. Hence, sensitive information alert is a monitoring tool that can be highly beneficial depending on the amount of such data stored on the device.

Types of Sensitive Information

Sensitive information on the phone regarding work, finances, etc. need special protection today when news of getting hacked is far too common to count. Such information or data needs to get protected with a trusted iPhone and Android spy app as a precautionary measure.

The famous phrase ‘Protection is better than cure’ holds very accurate. Also, if a data breach happens, you would need such a tool to keep you updated on the activity and required details. But first, let’s go through the types of sensitive information:-

1. Personal information

This category can be far-reaching as any individual data comes under this category. Any leakage of personal data can cause much harm to an individual.

There are various examples like social security numbers, passport numbers, biometric information, financial details, medical insurance details, etc.

Identity theft and public exposure to such information can create much bigger problems.

2. Business information

An increasing number of businesses and companies are now relying on best spy app reviews in search of credible monitoring tool.

After all, a company has trade secrets, customer data, a company’s finance, and other sorts of sensitive information about the company.

3. Classified information

These are the sort of data that a government or a government organization due to current security concerns. Various categories of sensitivity are in existence.

Restricted, secret, top-secret and confidential are the categories.

Once those security concerns get over or fade in importance, they can be released. But for an extended amount of time, they require sensitive information alert software.

Dangers of Sensitive Information Loss

Data is all around us. Data has become the new currency as vast amounts of data gets stored over various categories of internet connections.

The need for a trusted sensitive information alert has never been more prominent.

Dangers of a data breach are enormous. 2016 Cost of data breach study saw the average total cost of a data breach to be 4 million $ and 28% up since 2013. Hence, it is well worth going through some of these dangers that imply to everyone.

Some of these dangers are:-

  • Data loss to an individual or company or government
  • Commercial or state-sponsored espionage
  • Theft from a website
  • Inside attack on data from a disgruntled employee

Effects of a data breach

Sensitive data is far-reaching and has a wide variety of personal details. As mentioned above, there could be confidential corporate information to individual personal information.

Such a data loss can:-

  • Legally compromise the person or company.
  • Damage personal or company reputation.
  • Add financial costs.
  • Put a company our of business.
  • Hamper a person’s personal, social, and professional prospects.

Final Thoughts

The world is a treasure trove of data in present times. It won’t be wrong to say that data is driving the world like never before. As such, a sensitive information alert software solution assumes greater importance. Protecting the data of individual, government, or a corporate organization is highly crucial to avoid society to get into chaos.

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