Spymaster Pro Reviews

Cell phone monitoring applications are an absolute necessity in the digital era. You can come across a number of spy apps in the market these days. However, not all of these apps offer what they claim. Therefore, choosing the best cell phone spy software can be quite a task. 

Hey there! I am a representative from the Spyadviser team, and today I am here to make this process a bit easier for you. I have tested various such applications and have come up with a well-devised list of the best spy apps. Spymaster Pro tops my list. So, if you want to invest in this cell phone monitoring software and want to know more about it, here is my honest and thorough Spymaster Pro review:

What is Spymaster pro?

For those who are not aware, Spymaster Pro is a cell phone monitoring software that can be used to track children, employees, and even catch a cheating spouse. It is said to be the most reliable and safest spy app in the market today. In fact, every parental control guide suggests this software. The application is available for iOS as well as Android and comes packed with a lot of features. Since Spymaster for Android and for iPhone is available in different packages, I decided to test them both. Let’s see what I felt about them:

Spymaster Pro Android Spy Software


How does Spymaster Pro work for Android?

First things first, to use this cell phone spy software, you need to install it on the target phone in the case of Android. The company claims that this process is quite simple. It turns out, it really is!

Installation for Android

To check out Spymaster Pro Android phone tracking features, I Used Samsung Galaxy S7. However, it works with all sorts of Android phones. Here are the steps for getting the product:

  •  Go to the home page and click on ‘Buy Now.’
  •  Submit the required details to check out.
  •  You will get the download link in the registered email that you can use to install on the target mobile.
  •  Follow the instruction sent to the registered email to start monitoring the target Android phone.

So, the process of buying the software was trouble-free. All I did was select the package I wanted and pay for it. Since I wanted to check all the features available for Android, I went for the Spymaster Pro premium subscription. Here is everything that I could do with this spy app:

Spymaster Pro Android Features

spymasterpro - features   

  • I was able to track all the call logs on the target Samsung Galaxy S7. Also, call listening is a recent addition to the features of this spy app and works well too.
  • The contacts too were easily viewable, and I was able to read all the SMS conversations too.
  • The web browsing history feature worked out well too. With it, I was able to view the entire search history of the target phone on every browser. I checked it out for Chrome and Opera. Also, you can see the bookmarks too.
  • I could go through the Hike chats, even the archived ones.
  • The location tracking and the Geofencing feature of this spy app worked out well for me. The thing that I like here was that I could actually find out the person’s time-of-stay at the location.
  • Spymaster Pro also allowed me to access the gallery on the Samsung phone easily, given the fact that it had a lock otherwise.
  • As for WhatsApp Tracking, I was really looking forward to testing out Spymaster Pro. After all, this is that one application that a person tends to use the most. And the application turned out true to the claim. I was able to view all WhatsApp Chats, including the multimedia shared. The fact that I could even check WhatsApp Calls came as a pleasant surprise.
  • Apart from WhatsApp, this cell phone spy app worked well for monitoring Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat chats too. For Snapchat, I was able to see the disappeared messages, as well. 
  • Email tracking is the next feature that I checked out. Although people do not use emails much these days, the feature worked well when I was tracking Gmail. After checking Google emails, I decided to check it for Yahoo and Outlook emails just to be sure that it can track all the emails in general.
  • Now, out of all the features, I absolutely loved the Sensitive information alert feature. It offers keyword alerts. These can include any word which you feel is not ideal for the target users’ use. If I had to use this software to monitor a kid, this feature would definitely come handy to prevent him from seeing unexplicit content on the internet.
  • Further, I was able to track almost every installed app on the target phone. Some of the applications that I tried spying on include Hangout, Kik, Tinder, QQ, WeChat, Line, Skype, Viber, Clue, IMO, Messenger Lite, and Tumblr.
  • If there is a change of a SIM card in the target phone, the Sim tracker works well too. Also, there is an instant notification for device change.
  • I was even able to check all the documents and the calendar activities in the target phone, and all this happened in a 100% hidden mode. There was no proof of spying on my Samsung Galaxy S7.
  • Lastly, this cell phone monitoring software also allowed me to capture photos, screenshots, and record voice memos. All this may be useful if I use this spy app to catch a cheater. These will act as a piece of evidence for the confrontation.

My Verdict for Spymaster Pro Android Spy Software

Spymaster Pro Android Spy Software, as per me, is super-simple to use. The Spymaster Pro dashboard is easy to understand, and I got every single detail about the target phone there. Of course, if you find any difficulty while using it, the company has 24/7 chat support. All the features were up to the mark for me, but I loved the sensitive information alert feature the most. I only wish that the Spymaster Pro team continues to release new features with every new functionality all the social apps out there introduce. As per my experience, I would definitely recommend this spy software to anyone who wants to spy on their loved ones to keep them safe.

Spymaster Pro iPhone Spy Software

iphone-spy-softwareHow does Spymaster Pro work for iPhone?

Spymaster Pro Android spy software turned out to be a pleasant experience for me, and now it was time to check out this spy app’s iPhone variant. Now, unlike Android, there is a no-installation process involved in Spymaster Pro iPhone spy software. And the fact is really amazing. Further, as per the claims, a jailbreak is not required, as well. Let us see what I found out on testing this cell phone spy app.

Installation for iPhone

I checked out the Spymaster Pro iPhone tracking features in an iPhone 5. It is, however, compatible with all the versions of iOS ranging from iOS 9 -13.0. Before I tell you how did the no-installation part go, let’s see how to get started with this spy app for iPhone:

Here are the steps for getting the product:

  • Go to the website home page and click on the ‘Buy Now’ button to purchase the software.
  • Enter your details and then proceed to check out.
  • Without any need to install, you can use iCloud credentials to spy on iPhone without jailbreak. Open the instructions sent in the email to start monitoring from the Spymaster Pro dashboard. 

Getting Spymaster Pro for iPhone is similar to that for Android. Once you buy it, the next step, in this case, is different. Instead of installing the software to the target iPhone, all I did was log in to my Spymaster Pro account on my own device. Then, I just had to fill in the iCloud credentials of the iPhone 5 I was using as the target phone. That was all, it started working, and I could see every activity of the target phone without even finding the need to touch it. And true to the claim, there is no installation required. 

Spymaster Pro iPhone Spy Features



  • With the Spymaster Pro top-rated iPhone spy features, I was able to monitor every social platform on the target iPhone 5. From Facebook and WhatsApp chats to Snapchat and Instagram messages, everything was available at the Spymaster Pro dashboard. Along with the texts, I was even able to access the media shared.
  • Just like the social chats, it works well for iMessage and SMS conversations too. Not only was I able to see to whom the text was sent, but I was able to read it, as well. And the alerts about the same were instant.
  • I was also able to track all the call logs, listen to dialed, and received calls and view all the phone-book contacts on the target iPhone. Apart from this, the spy app also allowed me to take screenshots of everything else.
  • Web browsing history tracking was simple too. Along with the entire search history of the target iPhone on every browser, I was also able to see the bookmarks too.
  • The next feature that I checked out was email tracking. From Gmail to yahoo mails and outlook, the Spymaster Pro software works well for monitoring all.
  • Multimedia tracking is super-simple with this cell phone spy app. I was able to view all the images and videos in the gallery of the iPhone 5 remotely.
  • Location tracking, installed app tracking, sensitive information alert, and all the other features that work wonders in the case of Android phones were pretty good when it comes to tracking iPhone’s, as well. It made me wish that this spy app should be available for other operating systems like Windows and blackberry, as well. 
  • Lastly, this cell phone spy software comes packed with a 30 days backup place. It is due to this I was able to read even the deleted messages in the case of the iPhone 5 I was using. 

My Verdict for Spymaster Pro iPhone Spy Software

Spymaster Pro iPhone Spy Software works exceptionally well. The features are excellent, and I did not have to install the spy app to my target iPhone 5. Also, using it is quite simple. The spy app company also has a YouTube Channel. It comes handy when looking for the process of working on this cell phone monitoring software. Apart from this, I decided to check out their customer service too. The response was quick and helpful. If you wish to spy on someone’s iPhone, you can give this spy app a try without much worry.

Spymaster Pro Pros and Cons

As per my experience with Spymaster Pro, here are the pros and cons of this cell phone spy software:


  •       It is an inexpensive Cell Phone Spying Software as compared to all others
  •       No jailbreak needed in case of iPhone
  •       No installation needed in case of iPhone
  •       Five-minute installation process
  •       Works in stealth mode
  •       Great offers every festival season
  •       24 X 7 chat service available
  •       Native language support
  •       Great refund policy


  •       It is not available for Blackberry OS.

Spymaster Pro FAQ

1.  I am moving to Germany from the USA. Will Spymaster Pro work there?

Yes, Spymaster Pro works in all the countries except continental China. In fact, they provide 24/7 customer support in 10 native languages, as well.

2.  In case I have any queries about the use of the product, what do I do?

You can contact their 24/7 customer support. Also, Spymaster Pro has a YouTube channel where you can find quick videos about how to use their product.

3.  Is there a need to make any sort of changes to the target cell phone?

No, if you use Spymaster Pro, there is no need to make any modification to the target phone. The software just needs to be compatible with it, and it will run smoothly without interrupting the phone’s working.

4.  What if I have to purchase the software? After the payment, how will I get it?

Purchasing Spymaster Pro is quite simple. Just make it from the Spymaster Pro official website. Once you pay for your subscription, you will get an email that has the download link for the software. Use it for downloading the Spymaster Pro app to the target phone.

5.  Do I have to pay for upgrading the software?

No, Spymaster Pro does not charge any up-gradation fees for their latest updates. You just need to be pre-registered with them.

6.  Can I install or uninstall the application remotely?

Spymaster Pro reviews repeatedly talk about its easy installation process. It only takes iPhone credentials to start spying on an iPhone. On an Android, it requires physical access to the device, and the installation process only takes 5 minutes. Also, you can uninstall the software. For it, you need to do so from the device and follow the instructions.

7.  What devices are supported by Spymaster pro?

Spymaster Pro has enjoyed the best cell phone monitoring software reviews in the tech market. It is designed keeping in mind the latest mobiles and is compatible with the latest versions of both Android and iOS operating systems.

8.  Is Spymaster Pro for iPhone compatible with iPhone 5?

Yes, Spymaster Pro is compatible with all the versions of the iPhone, ranging from iOS 9 to 13.0.

9.  Can I Use Spymaster Pro for Samsung Galaxy S7?

Yes, you can use Spymaster Pro for every kind of Android phone, ranging from Oppo and Realme to Vivo and Xiaomi. Spymaster Pro for Android is compatible with Android 4.4 to

10. Will there be a Spymaster Pro icon on the target device?

You don’t need to worry about Spymaster Pro, leaving an icon on the target device. The software gives you the option of hiding the icon or not. And if you choose to hide it, then the software will ensure there is no icon on the target device.

11. After I installed the Spymaster pro, how long do I have to wait to review recorded data?

From the time of the installation, it takes around 24 to 48 hours for the viewer to be able to review the recorded data.

12. Does the target phone need to have an internet connection 24*7?

In order to use Spymaster Pro as an active child cell phone monitoring software or a cheating spouse tracker, the basic requirement is a good internet connection on both the devices. This helps you access real-time tracking and get reports from the target phone.

13. Will the target phone come to know about Spymaster Pro?

No, Spymaster Pro works in a hidden mode and is non-traceable. Further, as no icon is shown on the target phone, the user will not know about it.

14. If the device I would like to monitor is an iPhone, do I need to jailbreak it first?

No, you don’t need to jailbreak an iPhone to monitor it. All you need are the iPhone credentials to spy on iPhone without jailbreak.

15. What if I do not have the iCloud credentials?

In order to spy on an iPhone with Spymaster Pro, iCloud credentials are a necessary requisite. Without these, you cannot track any iPhone information.

16. Can I change the iCloud credentials?

No, once you fill in someone’s iCloud credentials on your Spymaster account, you cannot change them. To use other credentials, you will need a new subscription.

17. Can Spymaster Pro be used to monitor multiple phones?

No, you cannot use this spy app to monitor more than one phone. For every phone you wish to monitor, you will need a new subscription.

18. What are the prerequisites of using Spymaster Pro?

To be able to use Spymaster Pro, the target phone should be compatible with it and should have adequate Internet access.

19. What are the pricing details of Spymaster Pro?

For Android


$ 5.99 (basic edition)

$ 7.99 (premium edition)


$ 37.99 (basic edition)

$ 47.99 (premium edition)


$ 67.99 (basic edition)

$ 89.99 (premium edition)

For iPhone


$ 7.99


$ 59.99


$ 89.99

20. What type of payment methods does Spymaster Pro accept?

You can pay using an International Debit Card, Credit Card, and PayPal to purchase Spymaster Pro.

21. Do I need to purchase the WhatsApp tracking feature separately?

No, Spymaster Pro is a software package. This means that your subscription will have all the features covered under it. You do not have to purchase any of it separately.

22. What if I am not happy with Spymaster pro after I have purchased it?

Spymaster pro has a pretty simple refund policy. You can refer to it. Further, you can share your issue with the Spymaster Pro team. They will try to solve it as soon as possible.

Final Verdict

As per me, Spymaster Pro is one of the best cell phone spy apps available in the market. You can trust it to effectively monitor and track the latest mobile phones on Android and iPhone. It is the easiest to access and use, even for the users with not much technical know-how. What’s more, this spy app gets backed by high ratings and 24*7 customer support in 10 languages. I would definitely recommend Spymaster Pro to everyone out there.

Website :- https://www.spymasterpro.com/