Spymaster Pro Reviews

Spymaster Pro is the best cell phone monitoring software available in the market right now, which is not only reliable but also safe to use. Using this single software, you can track your children, employees, and even your cheating partner. This software is best for people who want to monitor their loved ones secretly in order to safeguard their families.

It has continuously got rated as one of the best parental control apps for cell phones in the market. It has all the features you would require in a spy app, and it comes without any need to have much technical information about mobiles.

You can now monitor any mobile you want on iOS and Android using it. It gives you the freedom to track from any browser and anywhere. The software price is affordable and fits inside the budget of the customers. There is no requirement of rooting or jailbreak on the target device.

What is Spymaster pro?

Spymaster Pro has been a leading cell phone monitoring software that you can trust for active monitoring services of iPhone and Android. This spy app has been in the market for a few years now and is providing its services to customers around the world.

Do I need to register an account before using Spymaster pro?

You need to register with Spymaster Pro with your email ID to initiate the monitoring process. The registered email ID will receive the instruction on how to access the dashboard to spy on the latest Android phone or iPhone.

How does Spymaster Pro work?

Spymaster Pro has been rated the best cell phone spy software by many experts and consumers. A big part of the response has been the ease with which you can access and operate it. Also, its success stories are not unheard of. Numerous individuals use it and have managed to keep their loved ones safe. Here is how it works for iOS and Android:


  • Go to the website home page and click on the ‘Buy Now’ button to purchase the software.
  • Enter your details and then proceed to check out.
  • Without any need to install, you can use iCloud credentials to spy on iPhone without jailbreak.

Open the instructions sent in the email to start monitoring from the Spymaster Pro dashboard. 


  • Go to the home page and click on ‘Buy Now.’
  • Submit the required details to check out.
  • You will get the download link in the registered email that you can use to install on the target mobile.
  • Follow the instruction sent to the registered email to start monitoring the target Android phone.

Spymaster Pro also has a YouTube Channel. You can visit it to know more about the working of this cell phone monitoring software.

Can I install or uninstall the application remotely?

Spymaster Pro reviews repeatedly talk about its easy installation process. It only takes iPhone credentials to start spying on an iPhone. On an Android, it requires physical access to the device, and the installation process only takes 5 minutes. Also, you can uninstall the software. For it, you need to do so from the device and follow the instructions.

What devices are supported by Spymaster pro?

Spymaster Pro has enjoyed the best cell phone monitoring software reviews in the tech market. It is designed keeping in mind the latest mobiles and is compatible with the latest versions of both Android and iOS operating systems.

Spymaster Pro for iPhone

In the case of the Spymaster Pro subscription for iPhone, no jailbreak or installation is needed on the targeted cell phone to avail of the benefits of Spymaster Pro. You only have to know about the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone you wish to spy.

Compatibility – iOS 9 -13.0


Spymaster Pro for Android


For Android, enjoy the perks of using Spymaster Pro by simply using the registration link provided to you on your email. Once Spymaster Pro for Android installs on the target phone, you are ready to spy on it.

Compatibility: Android 4.4 – 10

If the device I would like to monitor is an iPhone, do I need to jailbreak it first?

No, you don’t need to jailbreak an iPhone to monitor it. All you need are the iPhone credentials to spy on iPhone without jailbreak.

Will there be a Spymaster Pro icon on the target device?

You don’t need to worry about Spymaster Pro, leaving an icon on the target device. The software gives you the option of hiding the icon or not. And if you chose to hide it, then the software will ensure there is no icon on the target device.

After I installed the Spymaster pro, how long do I have to wait to review recorded data?

From the time of the installation, it takes around 24 to 48 hours for the viewer to be able to review the recorded data.

Does the target phone need to have an internet connection 24*7?

In order to use Spymaster Pro as an active child cell phone monitoring software or a cheating spouse tracker, the basic requirement is a good internet connection on both the devices. This helps you access real-time tracking and get reports from the target phone.

Basic Key Features of Spymaster Pro

Spymaster Pro Track Calls

The software will be able to track all incoming and outgoing call logs. After the software installation, the software will show you the contact details and also let you listen to calls on the target phone.

Spymaster Pro Tracks Text Messages


The software can keep track of all the text messages sent and received on the target phone. Once the software gets installed on the phone, you will be able to read even the deleted text messages too. The contact details are visible too.

Spymaster Pro Tracks GPS Location

The GPS phone tracker app will not only let you view the exact location details of the target phone in real-time but will keep you notified about the persons’ stay at that location.

Spymaster Pro Tracks All Multimedia activities

You will be able to track all multimedia files that get sent and received from the target phone. The details of the contacts will get displayed to you. The data will be visible on the dashboard with the date and time stamp.

Spymaster Pro Tracks Web Browser History

Spymaster Pro is the best app that can Track internet history on the cell phone getting monitored. The exact date and time of the browser history websites will be delivered to you. With the software installed, even if the history gets deleted, you can view it on the dashboard.

Spymaster Pro Tracks Installed App List

The software will monitor all the applications installed on the target cell phone. Log in to the dashboard and see if there is any problematic app installed or suspicious activity on any of the installed apps. Live screenshots and date and time stamp will also be available.

Pros and Cons as per Spymaster Reviews 2020


  • It is an inexpensive Cell Phone Spying Software as compared to all others
  • No jailbreak needed in case of iPhone
  • No installation needed in case of iPhone
  • Five-minute installation process
  • Works in stealth mode
  • Great offers every festival season
  • 24 X 7 chat service available
  • Native language support
  • Great refund policy


  • It is not available for Blackberry OS.

How to purchase a Spymaster pro package?

Purchasing Spymaster Pro is very easy. On the top right corner of the home page is the ‘Buy Now’ button.  Clicking on it will take you to the package options, which you need to select to make the payment and enter your details to finish the purchase. So, now that you have our expert advice regarding this Cell Phone Spying Software, then you must have made a choice by now for sure. And if you are willing to buy this product as per SPYMASTER REVIEWS 2020, then you can buy this software at the website link provided in the end.

Pricing Details

Monthly: $5.99 (basic edition)

$7.99 (premium edition)

$7.99 (basic edition)
Quarterly: $37.99 (basic edition)

$47.99 (premium edition)

$ 59.99 (basic edition)
Yearly: $67.99 (basic edition)

$89.99 (premium edition)

$ 89.99 (basic edition)


Spymaster Pro is considered one of the best cell phone spy apps available in the market. You can trust it to effectively monitor and track the latest mobile phones on Android and iPhone. It is the easiest to access and use, even for the users with not much technical know-how. It gets backed by high ratings and 24*7 customer support in 10 languages.

Website:- https://www.spymasterpro.com/