The Best App to Curb Your Kids’ Digital Addiction

children addicted to technology

Digital addiction is a big problem. Whether it is the 7-year-old, who keeps engrossed in playing Bubble Witch Saga or the 10-year-old who won’t stop exploring new areas around his home to play Pokémon Go, more and more children are gaming on smartphones and i-Pads today. Then comes the social media which has managed to become a vital part of human existence today.

Further, you cannot just limit your kids from using their phones. After all, with the digitization of the world, smartphones come handy while they do their homework or prepare for their school project. So, within all this chaos, how can a parent effectively manage how their kids use their gadgets? How can they curb their digital addiction? The answer is simple – by using parental control apps.

Parental Control Apps to Help Children Addicted to Technology

When it comes to the use of parental control apps to curb your kid’s technology addiction, you will find plenty of them in the market. Each of these apps claims to be the best. So, how does one choose an app that is actually the best? We are here to help you with this dilemma. Our well-curated list of the best parental control apps is sure to help your kids with their digital addiction. Let us get started with it.

1. Spymaster Pro

Your children addicted to technology is undoubtedly a disturbing thought. However, there is no need for you to worry about it anymore. We present you with our #1 pick for the best parental control apps to curb digital addiction – Spymaster Pro.

This spy app is reliable and safe in terms of security. It offers easy usage and is sure to be within your means. Further, using this single cell phone monitoring software, you can not only limit your kids’ screen time but also know what he is doing on his phone continuously. The application was specially designed, keeping in mind the needs of the parents to safeguard their kids.

Reasons that Make Spymaster Pro Our #1 Pick:

  • Reasonably priced
  • User friendly
  • No installation, no jailbreak for iPhone
  • Excellent features
  • 24 X 7 chat support
  • Native language support

2. Flexispy

Next up on our best parental control apps list is Flexispy. This application can help you to control your child’s technology addiction with the number of features that it offers. You are sure to love its live call recording features that offer super-clear sound quality.

Why Choose Flexispy?

  • 24 X 7 Customer Support
  • The remote spy camera works by message commands
  • Live call recording
  • Excellent sound quality

Some Downsides of the Application:

  • Problematic Usage
  • Extended installation period
  • Cannot spy on some vital social media apps
  • Geofencing feature absent


XNSPY occupies the third place on our best parental control apps list. It can effectively help you curb your kid’s digital addiction. It is intended to help parents keep their kids (under the age of 18) safe. The numerous features that come along with this application are all one will need for children addicted to technology.

Why Choose XNSPY?

  • Self-explanatory dashboard or control panel
  • Easy to use
  • The excellent location tracking feature
  • No jailbreak needed for iOS versions 9.x up to 11.2
  • Watchlist feature present
  • Pocket-friendly price range
  • Live screenshot feature available
  • App blocker functionality
  • Top-notch call and surrounding recording feature

Some Downsides of the Application:

  • Fake claims of live chat feature being available 24 X 7
  • Not compatible with OS other than Android and iOS
  • Jailbreak required in case of 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, 9.x versioned iOS devices

4. Spy Stealth

Our next suggestion for best parental control apps to curb digital addiction is Spystealth. With this application, apart from the regular features, you will also get your hands on KakaoTalk and Badoo tracker. So, if your kid uses these applications, this spy app may be the best choice for you. It is because no other cell phone monitoring software out there offers these. Also, with a single subscription of this parental control, you can monitor five devices.

Why Choose Spystealth?

  • Affordable price range
  • Exceptional chat support
  • Monitor five devices with one subscription

Some Downsides of the Application:

  • Does not work for all operating systems
  • Lacks up-to-date features

5. Spyzie

The last application that we would like to suggest to you is Spyzie. This application is among the most popular parental control apps you will find today. It is a reliable software for your daily monitoring needs of keeping your children safe and preventing digital addiction in kids.

Why Choose Spyzie?

  • No jailbreak or rooting needed for installation
  • Offers a long list of spying features
  • Easy access

Some Downsides of the Application:

  • Too long customer support response time
  • Target phone may become slow
  • Viber and WhatsApp tracking absent
  • No video previews
  • Limited iOS monitoring


Children tend to follow their parents in everything they do. So, if you pick up your phone every other minute, there is little you can do to control your kids. Thus, along with using parental control apps to curb your kid’s digital addiction, make sure to lead by example. Your own behavior should encourage your children about the healthy use of technology.