The Truth Spy

The Truth Spy ReviewsThe Truth Spy is popular mobile monitoring software that is available in the market right now. Many people consider it is mostly safe and quite reliable to use to track your Employees, Partner, or if you suspect your partner to cheat on you. Many people on iOS and Android can use this spy to get the right amount of information from the target mobile.

Features of The Truth Spy

The Truth Spy Traces Calls

  • Call logs information: The truth spy is capable of recording the complete list of incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Duration of calls: The length of calls made through the target cell phone will be available to you.

The Truth Spy Tracks Text Messages

  • Read Text Messages: You will get the record of all the text messages exchanged using the target cell phone.
  • View all deleted messages: The spy service of Truth spy allows you to view even the deleted messages from the target mobile.
  • Details of texts sent and received: You will receive details about the texts sent and received from the target cell phone.

The Truth Spy Tracks GPS Location

  • Location tracking details: You will be able to see the places they visit.
  • Location and information details: Location and information details: You can view the information on the location and the date and time of the visit too.

The Truth Spy Tracks all Multimedia Activities

  • View all the multimedia files: Every photo and video that gets exchanged through the target cell phone will be available to view with additional details.

The Truth Spy provides access to the app list

  • Installed app details: It will give you the feature to track all the apps installed on the target mobile and their details.

The Truth Spy lets you spy on emails

  • Emails details: The software will allow you to track all emails exchanged through the target cell phone.
  • Contact details: With this feature, you can monitor all the emails stored on the mobile you want to spy on with contact details available too.

The Truth Spy for iPhone

  • To monitor iPhone, Truth Spy is a good spy app you can use to track the target cell phone without any jailbreak or rooting.

Compatibility – iOS 4.1 – 7.2

TheTruth Spy for Android

  • The Truth Spy will give you the facility to spy easily with Truth Spy software installation. You can easily download the software with a secure link.

Compatibility – Android 4 to 7

Pros and cons as per The Truth Spy Reviews 2019


  • Comparatively cost-effective
  • Don’t need to jailbreak or root the device
  • Tracks browsing history
  • Read social media messages


  • Does not support Blackberry or Symbian
  • Customer support is quite lacking
  • Some features don’t work always
  • Not compatible with the latest versions of Android and iOS

Pricing details


  • Standard – 21.99$ per month
  • Premium – 25.99$ per month
  • Gold – 30.99$ per month

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