TheTruth Spy Reviews

The Truth Spy is the best cell phone spying app that is available in the market right now. Many people consider it is mostly safe and quite reliable to use to track your Employees, partner, or if you suspect your kids are engaged in some risky activities. the truth spy app will let you get daily and detailed information Many people on iOS and Android can use this spy to get the right amount of information from the target mobile.

Features of TheTruth Spy

Monitoring all the Internet activities

The Internet has made almost everything in life so easy. Truth Spy through this feature will give you access to track all the activities done by the user online on the target cell phone. The software will provide you the entire catalog of information on what your kids are viewing on their mobile through the internet. You will be able to get the website address and know what are their activities online.

Multimedia files

Mobiles of today’s era are primarily known for their multimedia functions. Plus, people conduct most of their personal and professional business on their smart-phones. So, Hidden Spy App can be of great help to you. Whether it is an employee you want to ensure is not leaking the company’s sensitive multimedia data or spy a spouse or kid to track their activities, you will get all the multimedia files from the target phone.

Restrict the use of the Internet

If as a parent, you are right to be worried about the influence of the internet on your kids. But with the help of the truth spy app, you can view all the multimedia files that are being exchanged through the mobile that you are monitoring. The kids can be playing video games all night and watching inappropriate content but you can restrict their use of the Internet with the spy app. Companies can also use restrictions on the internet to push employees to work better and more efficiently.


This is considered the best feature in Truth Spy. You can set alerts in the app for certain activities in the target mobile. The feature will provide you with notifications regarding whenever the activities will be over thus saving you from opening the app time and again to check their activities.

Other features of the phone spy app

GPS Tracker

The features work quite well and will provide you the location of the person. The app will effectively give you information about the target cell phone location with GPS Tracking features. It is a feature that is very useful. You will know if your kids are lying about being in class or your wife is lying about being on an office tour or where your employee is at the moment? Companies especially can use this feature to know if they are genuinely stuck somewhere or delaying the work due to their personal work.

SMS Tracker

The feature will provide you with detailed information about the entire list of text messages exchanged on the target cell phone. You will be able to go through details of the text messages. Details like date and time,  and content of the text messages too. In addition, the pictures, videos, and other such multimedia files shared in the text messages will be viewed on the control panel too.

Spy call Logs

With this special feature, you can listen to the recording of all the calls made from or received on the phone you are monitoring. This feature will help you clear all the doubts as you will listen to the contents of these calls. Plus, details about time and date when the calls were happening will also be revealed to you here. Also, you can see the duration of the calls and set alerts when they get a call from a particular number you will get the notification.

Ambient voice recording

This feature will let you hear all the voices in the surrounding of the target cell phone. Hence, you will know everything that is going on in the surroundings of the cell phone. The time when you would want to hear the recording can be set. This is in addition to the daily call recording you will get. All the information combined will help you to properly analyze the data to clear your doubts.

Whatsapp Spy

This feature will let you spy WhatsApp messages and all the activities that are being on the popular instant messaging service very easily. All the conversations and photos, videos and all the multimedia files will be available to you. Conversations of the past will also be visible for you with the Whatsapp tracking feature. Information on all the audio calls, video calls and recording of these calls will be provided to you so that you can have all the information.

Social chats monitoring

You can take the help of this feature to monitor the number of activities happening on all the social media activities with the help of this feature. Sites like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and other such sites. All the conversations, multimedia files and any other form of data being shared on these sites will be up to view on the central control panel.

Compatible with Android and iPhone

The Truth Spy for iPhone

  • To monitor iPhone, Truth Spy is a Hidden Spy App that can use to track the target cell phone without any jailbreak or rooting.

Compatibility – iOS 4.1 – 13.0

TheTruth Spy for Android

  • The Truth Spy will give you the facility to spy easily with Truth Spy software installation. You can easily download the software with a secure link.

Compatibility – Android 4 to 10

Pros and cons as per The Truth Spy Reviews 2020


  • Comparatively cost-effective
  • Don’t need to jailbreak or root the device
  • Tracks browsing history
  • Read social media messages


  • Does not support Blackberry or Symbian
  • Customer support is quite lacking
  • Some features don’t work always
  • Not compatible with the latest versions of Android and iOS

Pricing details

Standard: $21.99/month

Premium: $25.99$/month

Gold: $30.99/month


We hope this review will come handy in letting you decide if this the cell phone spy app that you wish to use. Make sure to consider everything about the application ranging from its pros and cons to its features before settling on it.