Top 5 Android Spy Applications 2020


If we talk about Android Phones in general, then you will be surprised to know that it covers almost 80% of the smartphone market. This means more than half of the people around the world prefer Android. Moreover, there is no doubt about the fact that Android phones have great hardware as well as software compatibility and are even available in a great range.

No matter whether its shape, size, design or feature we are talking about, there are great variants of Android Phones that you can choose from. But most importantly in the case of Android, you can avail great features at a very affordable price.

Even if we talk about advanced features, in particular, Android is still no-way behind iOS. Finger-print protected passwords, facial recognition scans, palm sensed screenshots and even full-disk encryptions are some great features that show how advanced an Android Phone is!

Though its security may seem unbreachable, with the advancement in technology, spying on an Android Phone is no more a big deal. There are various Android spy apps available in the market right now that you can buy in order to spy on your loved ones.

No matter, if you are willing to spy on your child, husband/wife, girlfriend/boyfriend or even your employee, you can easily do that using Android spy apps.

Still not convinced! Let’s get you acquainted with how these apps will help you in each of the following cases:

Android spy apps for a Cheating Spouse

In case if your partner is cheating on you and you are suspicious about it for a long time but don’t have the strength to confront them then these apps will definitely help you collect evidence against them.

These apps will help you collect evidence against them if in case they are cheating and if not, then you can lead a stress-free life and you can just love them forever.

Android spy apps for Parental Control

Believe it or not but being a parent is the most hectic job in this whole world and if you are one of those parents who are always worried about their children then these apps can help you track their location, their online activity, and even their call logs. So, for you, these are miracle applications that you need to buy right now!

Android spy apps for Employee Monitoring

Some Employees are no less than a pain in the head! Being an employer is quite a difficult task because it’s not always about money, you have to regularly keep a check on your employees for various misconducts and even have to make sure, no employee shares your confidential data with your competitors.

So, basically, if you are worried about some employees involved in activities leading to misconduct or if he/she is breaching your confidentiality, then you can easily track them down using these Android spy apps.

So, now that you are quite convinced that you need to buy a cell phone monitoring software for your spying needs, let’s discuss with you, the Reviews of the top 5 Android spy apps that you can choose from. So, here are the following:


Spymaster ProSpymaster Pro is the No. 1 Monitoring Software that provides you the privilege to spy on your partner, child, and even employee. It is simply everything you ask for, a complete solution for all your monitoring needs!

Advantages Of Using Spymaster Pro

  • Spymaster Pro is compatible with all latest Android versions
  • It works in stealth mode
  • It is a pocket-friendly software in comparison to all other spy apps available in the market
  • Great discounts on festive seasons
  • 24 X 7 chat support
  • Chat support also available in the native language
  • Tracks text messages, phone book, calendar, emails, call logs, IM chats, web browser history, and even GPS Location
  • Installation process hardly takes 8 minutes to complete
  • Last but not least, great refund policy



mSpy is a well sought after name in the Android Market, so if you are looking for a product that can single-handedly serve all your spying needs then this is the right product for you!

Advantages Of Using mSpy

  • Its unique keylogger feature saves all the keystrokes that are typed by the suspicious user
  • Its screenshot feature sends you automatic screenshots without the consent of your child or lover
  • It lets you remotely lock the device from miles apart
  • It also allows blocking of certain apps that you don’t find suitable for your loved ones


Flexispy It is an advanced spy application that offers almost a wide range of 150+ features that you can avail of. Flexispy’s features have specifically been designed keeping in mind the needs of the parent as well as employee monitoring

Advantages Of Using Flexispy

  • Its Live Call Recording feature is the best thing about using Flexispy as this feature only takes few clicks to get activated
  • Offers great sound quality in case of recorded calls
  • Its unique Remote Spy Camera feature can simply be turned on by sending a text message from your phone
  • Availability of 24X7 chat support
  • Flexispy is the only software that allows exporting of GPS logs


XNSPYXNSPY is a famous cell phone monitoring software that was specifically been designed keeping in mind the needs of parental control

Advantages Of Using Xnspy

  • Its interface is easy to use and quite self-explanatory
  • Its location tracking feature is quick and gives accurate results
  • It offers a unique watch list feature that notifies you every time either certain words are used or some specific locations are visited by your child or lover
  • It lets you erase data from the targeted cell phone and that too remotely



Spy Stealth is a great spying application that helps you track your loved ones without their consent. This was specifically been designed keeping in mind the needs of family monitoring. Using this spy app you can track the whereabouts of your family.

Advantages Of Using Spy Stealth

  • Affordable pricing
  • Availability of 24X7 chat support
  • Unlike other cell phone monitoring software, it offers to track applications like Kakao Talk and Badoo instant messaging applications
  • The best part about using Spy Stealth is that you can spy on 5 different cell phones with just one single subscription

Now that you have our honest Reviews of top 5 Android spy apps, it’s totally your call, go for whichever spy application suits you the best. Lastly, we hope that the above-mentioned information was quite useful and it even helped you come to a conclusion.