Top 5 Apps to Know if Your Partner is Cheating on You

Top 5 Apps to Know if Your Partner is Cheating on You

Has your partner started to act a little shifty recently? Picture this, your relationship was going fine until an evening a few days or at least it wasn’t noticeable. He came home late work without informing you and appeared even more distant than he ever was.

There were a few occasions when this had happened before but they too few and far between to give much notice. But that evening was two weeks consecutively of him showing late and distant. Now you are getting restless but what to do?

Even though many people assume it’s common sense to be honest with your partner if something troubles you but unfortunately that’s not the case. People fold within themselves and feel isolated for no reason. Like many people, you could jump the gun by wanting to spy on your spouse and know all that they are hiding but it is not wise.

A story online read that a girlfriend was a little suspect when her boyfriend dropped her off and told her that he will be back but gave no reason. She was suspicious but he immediately came back telling her he thought it was a dead animal and didn’t want her to see that.

As you can see, many times there is a perfectly innocent explanation for it all. Or if they are hiding something, maybe it’s not cheating but they sense something is troubling them or someone is in their life. Some people have a natural tendency to spy on spouse cell phone in such cases.

Signs That Your Partner is Hiding Something

Sometimes, it is just the little things that we initially don’t notice. A little comment here and a little delayed reaction there, and it all seems minor things at the moment. Though sometimes they start to add up and then the pattern becomes noticeable. You should resist the urge to spy on your spouse immediately.

Signs That Your Partner is Hiding Something

Relationship experts that it’s perfectly okay to not tell everything to your partner and it is healthy to have a certain degree of privacy. Though, if the reasoning given is suspicious then it’s a problem and it’s understandable to have some doubts. Let’s see some of the common symptoms.

1. They Avoid Conversation

Often when a person is hiding something they prefer shorter conversation and conversations around the topic that is related to the thing they are hiding, becomes a no go zone.

Whenever the topic will come up they will either get silent, give a vague response or will just do anything to deflect your attention from the topic. They could simply just avoid talking about it or pretend ignorance about it.

2. They Change their Digital Habits

Digital life is almost synonymous with our life as almost everything happens online or on a gadget nowadays. So, there is a certain digital behavior we all follow and any change is not without reason.

It could be their text responses. If they responded with a good answer but now it’s just a few words or an emoji, then they are clearly distracted. Couples often share passwords and they just changed the password without telling you on their Facebook, maybe you want a Facebook spy to see what they are hiding.

What if they are cheating on you? What if your wife still talks to their ex? It is a possibility but take your time and maybe talk to them calmly.

3. Acts Over Excited

As with every weird behavior, there is a reasonable explanation for this too. Maybe, they are trying to cheer your foul mood or just keep the energy in the relationship or the house at a healthy level.

But if it is something new and happens almost every day now then it could be trouble. They could be trying to hide emotions regarding something that is troubling them.

4. Asks Hypothetical Questions

Hypothetical questions in themselves are no red flags as there is usually a reason for having such a query. Though if asking these questions are not in their typical nature then it could be a reason to be concerned.

There is a very good possibility that they maybe are trying to find a solution to their problem without actually revealing that they are personally having such trouble. This is their way to keep you out of the loop, the reason could be deceit or maybe just hesitancy because of embarrassment. It is understandable if you want to spy on your spouse but don’t be so quick to do that.

5. Privacy Becomes Concern

Everyone desires and deserves a certain level of privacy. Though if this behavior is something new and not how they behaved until now it could be a reason to track your partner’s GPS location.

They could be evading your questions about where they go and where they are when you contact them. All these symptoms point to their attempts to hide something from you.

Top 3 Spy Apps to Spy on Your Spouse

Now that you have given time, patience and even tried to talk it out you are left with no results. You are left anxious and it is the right time to spy on your spouse and get to the bottom of these doubts with a cell phone monitoring software.

Spy Apps to Spy on Your Spouse

Let’s go through these spy apps for your benefit:-

1. Spymaster Pro App Review

Spymaster Pro is one of the best leading spy apps in the market. It can be easily accessed by anyone visiting their website. It is also compatible with the latest version of Android and iOS.


  • The app is completely invisible
  • Most affordable
  • 24*7 customer care with no limitations
  • Backup


  • Non-compatible with Symbian and Blackberry

2. XNSPY App Review

XNSPY is also a well-known spy app in the market and is popular for offering free upgrades.


  • Gives Free Upgrades
  • Tracks two devices


  • No blocking options
  • Quite expensive
  • You cannot wipe data from monitored devices

3. mSpy App Review

mSpy is also a well-known cell phone monitoring software for its range of features.


  • One fee time makes it attractive and affordable
  • Offers free lifetime upgrades


  • Doesn’t offer many of the features offered by the competition
  • No parental control features
  • Not compatible with latest smart-phones


There are many reasons why your partner may be hiding things from you. Maybe an online activity has got them in trouble or maybe they have met a new person in their life whom they found more exciting.

Online activities and the surrounding technology has made it impossible for some people not be distracted by the need for validation. Social media fuels it and because of this, some people feel addicted to instant gratification. In such times you should you can use a spy app to spy on your spouse to know if your relationship is in such trouble.

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