Top Android Spy Apps To Monitor Kids Location

Top Android Spy Apps To Monitor Kids Location

Imagine you are having a lovely day with your family and your kids at their favorite theme park attractions. You are laughing your way through the crowd when you suddenly feel one of your child’s hand slip away.

With rising populations and cities getting populated, these nightmare situations are not as rare as you think very, unfortunately. In this situation, usually calling someone is a good and quick way to track a cell phone in a crowd.

Kids getting lost in a crowd is a big problem. Some statistics point out that seven out of every ten kids get lost at least once in their lives. In a 2005 report by the U.S Department of Justice had an estimate of about 340,500 kids being lost for an hour or more.

Plus, FBI in 2018 reported 424, 066 NCIC (National Crime Information Center) reports for missing children. This means more than 1160 missing reports per day. These are startling numbers and can get any parent sweat with worry.

It is an immensely traumatic experience for everyone involved. Calm, enjoyable, and fun time with your family and friends can be ruined if you can’t locate your child. Even it happens for a few minutes which are never reported it will put a stop to all the fun.

Most common places to get lost for a child

Spy Apps To Monitor Kids Location

Finding that your children or kids are lost is a mind-numbing situation for all the parents. Parents are slowly getting smarter and more aware of how to use technology to assist them if such a situation arrives as a rude shock.

Many parents are turning to solutions like iOS or Android spy software to keep a constant track of their kid’s location. These solutions can be the much-needed help for a grieving parent in their hour of need.

The thing to remember is that this can happen to everyone. It also helps to remember some of the places where kids are most likely to get lost:-

1.  Outdoor events

Outdoor events are a fun time and have always been popular. It is a fantastic time with family and friends to go to a parade, concerts, and fairs that are full of fun events. You don’t just get to enjoy but learn sometimes.

But these are full of risks as any place is whenever there are huge crowds involved. It is a good idea to go to the venue prepared. Search online about the map of the site and know the high-risk places where you need to be extra careful.

2.  Airport, bus stands, and train stations

There are all kinds of places that stay crowded on different occasions. Though, sites used for transportation services are places that are never out of service. Every day some people travel somewhere.

Many times in these places people, are pushing through crowds and scouring to get to their vehicle of transportation quickly. It is a scary place for any kid as people are always in a hurry to get somewhere and don’t notice their surroundings most of the time.

3.  Malls

Malls have become the new commonplace to meet. But that also means it is a place where kids can go missing at the drop of a hat. In such a case, you can track them by choosing the best Android spy app to locate them quickly.

Plus, in such a scenario when your child does go list, it is advisable to do a few things. You can try shouting out their names. You can also at the time try to quickly rush to the security guards who can see through CCTV’s and block entrances and exits to prevent an exit.

4.  Theme Park

Theme parks are a choc a bloc with people rushing from one place to the next. If you are not careful about sticking next to each other and holding hands, the chance of getting lost for your child reaches high. It is a high-risk site.

That’s what happens and is a familiar story around theme parks around the world. There are so many sights, sounds, and sensations for the kids to be distracted in their age. It is essential to stay calm and rush to security professionals.

Tips to find your lost children

It is a scary situation for every parent to lose their precious child. But keeping a few tips in mind can help you find them:-

1. Freeze

A piece of good advice for you to give your child would be to tell them freeze whenever they get lost. Keep reminding them this or else they will keep walking away from the spot where you were separated and making it tough to find them.

2. Key Info

It is vital that the kids have the necessary info about families, parents, and house with them whenever they step out. They can either remember it or keep it written on a piece of paper and keep it with them at all times.

3. Find Help

It is essential to remember your kids about the importance of finding help in distressed situations. Tell them to find another parent or seek advice from security.

4. Ask the help

It is crucial for kids to remember the important words to ask for strangers. Words like ‘I am lost’ or ‘I can’t find my mommy and daddy’ or ‘my parents look like’ can be useful.

Best Kids Tracking Apps

In addition to taking the above-listed steps, the rapidly evolving technology is also there to lend a helping hand. As kids are getting a cell phone at an early age, it is vital to get a spy app that can help you to track a cell phone quickly.

Listed below are three of the best kid tracking spy apps:-

1. Spymaster Pro

Spymaster Pro is a trusted cell phone monitoring software and has critical features for parents to keep a close on their kids. It has one of the easiest installation processes. It has a comprehensive list of features from tracking multimedia, accurate GPS Tracking, Call listening, etc. It is compatible with the latest versions of both Android and iOS. It starts at an affordable 5.99$ per month.

2. mSpy

mSpy is a mobile monitoring software that can help you track your kids. It has a good amount of features like tracking their SMS, calls, GPS Tracking, etc. It is slightly pricey at the starting price of 25.49 $ per month for a basic package.

3. Spyzie

Spyzie is a mobile spy software with a decent amount of features to help you track your child. It can provide call monitoring, chat tracking, SMS, Media tracking, etc. It is even more pricey as the premium or the basic edition starts at 29.99$ per month.


Children are the easily excitable and distracted age group of a crowd. This results in a vast number of missing kids cases around the world. Because they can be easily manipulated and tricked, parents remain a worried lot whenever they are out, especially in crowded areas. Having the best Android app or the best iOS app for your kid’s mobile device can help you locate them very quickly whenever you are separated.

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