TOP iPhone Spy Apps To Monitor Kids Location

Monitor Kids Location

Kids Safety

One out of every five students reported to being bullied online as per a Department of Education’s research in July this year. Considering there are more unreported cases and you can’t blame a parent like you for wanting to monitor your children secretly in this day and age.

Further, in a recent survey, 78% of parents agree that children today face more online risks than five years before. Yet, only 50% check their kid’s browser history. These are concerning facts considering how the online world rules our lives.

When you carefully analyze these alarming statistics in a long line of similar concerning numbers and news, and you can’t be surprised at parents monitoring their kid’s daily activities. Things are getting trickier as technology keeps evolving.

On the one hand, the internet is a source of humongous information and resources to making their lives better in so many ways. With the good, also comes the usual bad, and the bad stuff is so terrifying it is almost numbness inducing.

Many parents are turning to iPhone spy software to keep a calm mind. After all, when a kid and parents are away for the most part of the day, parents can go insane with worry. It is good to keep a tech solution to prevent these online dangers from ruining your kid’s lives.

Best Three Apps to Monitor Kids Location

 iPhone Spy Apps To Monitor Kids Location

It’s always a tricky job to raise kids. With mobiles in the picture, it is only becoming more complicated with every passing day. It helps to be aware of these dangers and their possible solutions to aid you in your anxious moments.

You can use these spy apps to monitor kids iPhone regularly. Let’s go through top three apps to monitor kid’s location and keep them safe:-

1.  Spymaster Pro

Spymaster Pro is the trusted and most reliable parental control software. It is used by parents around the world to monitor their kid’s movement daily. It has been serving to its customers in the market for over seven years now.

It has a 24*7 customer service in nine languages. Spymaster pro has a long line of features to provide you as much information as possible to you. The information will be available directly in the dashboard you can open with login credentials you get in the email after purchase.

The prominent features of this child cell phone monitoring software to aide you are:-

  • 30 days backup
  • Call listening
  • Tinder chat tracking
  • Call log tracking
  • SMS tracking
  • Chat tracking
  • GPS tracking
  • Multimedia tracking
  • Installed app tracking
  • Social media tracking


  • Starts at 5.99$ per month


  • Compatible up to iOS 12.4

2.  Spyzie

Spyzie is one of the top monitoring apps to keep a close eye on your kids. It has been labeled as a good app in the market to keep your kids safe and secure, for the most part. The price and features are satisfactory for many people.

Some of the key features of this iPhone spy software are

  • Facebook tracking
  • Instagram tracking
  • Snapchat tracking
  • Browser history tracking
  • Screen-shots
  • Photos
  • Contacts
  • Messages tracking


  • Starts at 29.99$ per month


  • Compatible up to iOS 12

3.  mSpy

mSpy is quite a popular tool used by parents to spy and monitor the daily activities of their kids. It has made a name to be in the topmost monitoring tool for parents. mSpy makes it easy to monitor your kids throughout the day.

Some key features are

  • Tracks GPS
  • View photos and videos
  • Tracks browser
  • Tracks chat
  • Tracks messages


  • Starts at 29.99$ per month


  • Compatible up to 12.1

Online and Offline Threats to Kids

You have gone through the list of the best spy apps for kids. While it is true that these apps allow you to Spy on iPhone without jailbreak with a few easy steps. It only helps to know the reason to use these spy apps in the first place.

Listed below are given some of the most significant dangers to kids whether they are offline or online:-

  • Street Gangs

Being accepted and recognized as a worthy person are moments, youngsters feel pressured to go through. If they are not accepted as one in a group, then they feel left out and isolated from their peers in school and outside.

Street gangs give them this in plenty and so much more. With such overwhelming support, concepts like illegal, immoral, criminal, life-threatening, etc. are thrown out of the window. As a parent, you feel forced to monitor your children secretly daily to prevent this.

  • Predators and Kidnappers

In 2009, Somer Thompson, a seven-year Florida girl, had vanished on her walk not more than a mile from her home. When Kidnappers and predators hit so close to home, parent’s anxieties grow tenfold over their kid’s safety.

A big myth that many parents hold is that a predator and kidnapper danger comes from strangers only. But experts know the facts that the majority of cases involve a known person. Scarily enough, most times, it is a family member.

  • Trollers

It is a sensitive stage of the age group being a kid and teenager. Using an iPhone spy software can be extremely helpful to track if your kid is facing such behavior. As experts point out that continuous negative comments can really harm a kid’s self-confidence and hamper their growth.

The online world has made this so easy. People get carried away under the guise of anonymity that the internet provides to demean a child. If not checked in time, trolling has led to extreme situations and sometimes even death.


Kids are getting more prone to lie nowadays. The biggest cause is mobile phones, and thus, it becomes tricky to keep an eye on them when the situation demands. As such, it is critical to have a spy tool that allows you to Spy on iPhone without jailbreak any time and anywhere. For any responsible parent in this day and age, this has become a critical requirement.

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